Are tired, worn-out strategies, and plans blocking your progress?

There've been times in my business life when I was super slow to change, to adapt to a new wave of technology, or to how things were currently being done and it cost me...A LOT. Honestly, when I look back now most of them seem ridiculous but then it seemed somehow like it made sense. That's why I'm sharing today's message and book with you so perhaps you it will help you to evaluate if there is any place in you need to tune in.

Lately, when I ride my bike each morning I've been reading a Kindle book. Recently, I had just read the news about the Covid mutations when I opened to the next chapter in the book I am reading The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham and there were some pretty key insights stood out that I wanted to share with you. Even if you aren't in business this is useful for LIFE.

He says, "New circumstances always require new skills and tools, fresh training, innovative solutions, superior team members. The alternative (relying on past answers) is often a prescription for suffering and failure to survive.

Sometimes the problem we started out to solve mutates. If we miss the shift, we will try to solve the new problem using solutions for the old problem. Chances are, those old solutions for the previous problem are useless.

Keith recommends Thinking Time, and here are some of the questions to ponder with this topic...

• What is the real problem I am facing and exactly how is this problem different from the one I thought I had? Or used to have?

• What are the old tools - poleaxes, shovels, and backpacks I've been lugging around that are no longer useful in helping me solve my immediate problem?

• What are the tired, worn-out strategies and plans that are no longer supporting us to solve the problem we face?

• What are the existing knowledge, training, or experience that needs to be abandoned?

• What are the new, fresh ideas and solutions we need to create to get us past this problem and back on track to our desired outcomes?

• Survivors and successful people are always learning, innovating, and adjusting. If this statement is true, what do we need to learn and where do we need to adjust our performance to succeed?

• Who around me is screaming an alternative solution, but I am ignoring them because I don't see the problem or the need to shift strategies?

• Under the broad heading "What got me here won't get me there, " who do I need on my team, who is excess baggage slowing me down, and what do we need to start doing differently."

These questions are so helpful to ponder as we are living in a world where changes and mutations happen quickly. It's also useful to take each question, consider it, and then write what comes up for you in your journal.

While the name of this book wouldn't have been something I normally would have reached for it was recommended to me and it has some pretty amazing insights. The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham

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