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Beauty Inspires & Uplifts

Actively increase your vibration by visually connecting with the beauty of the natural world. Earth also teaches you to elevate your life through its gift of beauty. Looking at nature’s beauty lifts your spirits. Look around when you go out in nature and see the beauty of how the earth is formed. She is magnificent, especially in her natural state, unaltered and untouched. Mother Earth’s natural beauty uplifts your spirit and inspires you.

Flowers are one of her highest vibrational expressions, so just being around them increases your vibrancy. Your own creation of beauty uplifts and inspires you and others as well. Remember how you feel when you go into a beautiful home, building, garden, or see a naturally beautiful person you are infused with inspiration. This kind of beauty is not based upon the current cultural definition of what you’ve been taught as beautiful or based on competitive or comparative references to other things of beauty. This beauty is found in all phases of development from youth to old age, in people of all races, and in all lands. Open to see the natural beauty of all beings and of all life. The more you allow yourself to create beauty in the world around you, the more you increase the vibration of your life. Beauty impacts your soul resonance and vibrationally attunes you at the highest level. It’s easy to increase the beauty around you by simply choosing something in your physical environment that you would consciously like to make more beautiful. Ask how it would like to express a greater level of beauty. Listen inside for the answer, and then create that new level of beauty.

Today, tune into beauty. How is it calling to you as a leader for greater expression? And wow I surprised myself and captured this beauty on my iPhone.

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