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Leadership: Emotional Safety

Emotional safety helps you to grow and flourish as a leader.

Emotional safety helps you feel supported enough to try new things, step out of your comfort zone and thrive in new ways. When you include creating emotional safety for those you serve it will help them to grow as well. Some people have had an experience of emotional safety and support from their families, which gives them a springboard for inner development but many haven’t. When you help them find a way to develop emotional safety and give it to themselves, it strengthens their trust in your leadership. Emotional safety also aids you to feel comfortable enough to open up and share your vulnerability with others. When you are authentic and vulnerable as a leader it gives others permission to be more of who they are too. Emotional safety can be built up with: • Encouraging self-talk. • Taking smaller steps toward your goals so they are stable and success-filled. • Connecting in relationships that are supportive and gently encourage you to expand on your skills, gifts, and talents. • Celebrating your wins and honoring your diligence at practicing something new. Emotional safety is something that grows and develops over time. It’s helpful to hold this awareness for yourself and for those you serve. The more you can be a leader who uplifts others and helps them to feel safe the more others will be magnetized to your essence. Today, evaluate if you are providing enough emotional safety for yourself and for others. Ask yourself what provides you with a feeling of emotional safety. Write down some examples. Ask yourself how you can also provide that for others.

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