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Lunar Rhythm: Libra New Moon

A new moon window is the starting point of the growing monthly lunar cycle. To utilize the new moon 3 day window effectively, be clear on what you want to grow in your life and business over the next month. There are suggestions listed below. Libra, as the teacher of inner and outer collaboration, shows you how to honor another’s point of view, balance opposites, consider options, mediate, and co-create. Most people don't realize Libra's critical importance internally for manifesting your dreams, desires, and visions - especially for abundance. You have an inner abundance creation team made up of all the elemental archetypes you personally carry. Each archetype on your creation team has a particular "role" they play for you. I like to think of them as an inner board of directors with each archetype heading up a certain aspect of how someone creates. When it comes to creating anything and bringing something into form - including abundance - if your board of directors/creation team are not working together you will struggle. You'll have different parts of yourself fighting with each other and you'll be stuck in an inner power struggle. I was working with someone recently who part of the struggle was timing. One archetype wanted to go fast and another aspect is dedicated to going slow and taking its time. Just think how that played out in creating a business. Not fun. Now get these aspects lined up, and your board of directors/creation team all headed in the same direction, and flow starts happening. Each archetype gets honored for its voice and special gifts - that's one of the things Libra has a unique talent for - and they begin effectively bringing your desires and dreams into form. The problem most people don't know their inner abundance creation team, so their personal board of directors fight all the time and their visions just stay dreams year after year. And unless they've integrated the elemental archetypes of their creation team they just continue to be frustrated. Has this happened to you? Well if it has there are a couple of things you can do. #1) Call on Libra in this new moon window and ask it to help you hear all the different aspects of your abundance creation team. Ask Libra to also assist you in integrating them. #2) Be willing to get assistance. Now, I've been helping people to integrate and align their inner abundance creation team for over 20 years and person after person has said what a huge difference it has made for them. And I've trained LOTS of creation coaches and they can help you as well. As long as who you get to help you, knows how to help you integrate and align your inner abundance board of directors/creation team then book an appointment. Get clear. Integrate and align. If you aren't sure who's good at it send me an email and I'll help you personally or help you find someone who can assist you. What matters to me is that you get the support you need. I won't be back in the office until Monday but I'm happy to help you then. I keep witnessing what an issue this is for people and it's something will make a HUGE difference in your outcomes and results once you understand it. Now more about Libra for this new moon window... As an airy archetype Libra provides an opportunity to utilize Air-related tools such as the power of words. Use it to write, speak, network, and communicate well with others. Think in ways that uplift your creations and pay attention to any thoughts that weaken your creation capacity. If you notice any weakening thoughts, ask yourself how you can reframe them so they add energy to your creations instead.

Air archetypes connect to the mental realm and they are good for learning new skills. Pay attention to what you need to learn next in order to take your creations to the next level. It might be that you need to up-level your technological, speaking, or writing skills to create more business success. Or you might need to improve your ability to communicate with others without adding your own opinions or emotionally reacting to what they say.

Libra loves to socialize so creating an opportunity for those in your personal or business life to come together will enliven all of you. Talk through your creations with your life partner or significant people in your life and notice if there are any ideas or things you choose to create together. Make plans to bring your dreams into fruition in ways that support all of you. The Libra new moon creates a wonderful window to direct your energy in order to continue to bring forth balance in all your relationships. Your relationships include the people around you, your relationship to yourself, and also your relationship to all the elemental realms.

Relationships in the earthy physical realm include your body, your finances, your home, your car, your business, all the physical matter of your life. Consider during this new moon where you need to create more balance in all aspects of your life and business in the physical realm.

In the watery motional realm, reflect on the balance between you and the people in your life to determine if any adjustments need to be made.

With the Air realm, ask yourself if you’re balancing time spent in mental activities with time connected to your physical and emotional world.

Then with Fire, consider if your time spent in action and doing is balanced by time spent in rest and reflection.

In relation to the Spiritual realm, ask yourself if you balance time spent dealing with your physical world in proportion to your spiritual development.

Libra provides you with a wonderful opportunity to look around your environment to determine where greater balance can be found in any area of your life. When you discover areas where you need more balance, use the Libra new moon to energize your intentions.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Libra New Moon:

  • Show your appreciation for the friends and family in your life.

  • Create an event to entertain those you appreciate.

  • Balance your physical activity with time for rest and reflection.

  • Discover where you can find greater inner peace in balance or by taking the “middle way” – not too much or not too little of something.

  • Take time for your relationship with yourself and your connection to Spirit.

  • Evaluate the places in your life where you need more balance and set the intention to achieve it.

  • Focus your intentions for creations and energize them with lots of movement in the fresh air.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Libra New Moon:

  • Show appreciation for your clients and those you work with.

  • Find a way to listen to the opinions, needs, and wants of your customers.

  • Evaluate your relationship to your professional life. What messages of balance do you receive?

  • Expand your ability to communicate with others more effectively.

  • Accomplish writing and speaking projects.

  • Develop networking skills and find opportunities to use them.

  • Determine if you need to balance your personal needs with your professional needs more effectively. Sending Libra blessings your way, Lisa

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