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Organic or Mechanical Timing?

The natural world responds to an inner sense when things are ready to bloom, ripe and ready to pick, or it's time to deliver. You can’t keep nature on a time clock or a calendar, mechanical time, for precise predictability. To understand this, consider a tomato, which is ready for picking only when it is ripe.

You can’t schedule on the calendar exactly what day a tomato will need to be picked. You can have some idea how long it takes to ripen based on your past experience with tomatoes, but you cannot know with certainty what day and time any of the fruit will be ready.

Or take a pregnant mother, if not interfered with her body will naturally know when it’s time to give birth, to deliver the baby from inside her to the outside world, after the gestation. Sometimes people want to rush the gestation of an idea, process, creation, and determine when it’s due based on an arbitrary date on the calendar instead of its organic timing.

Nature’s time is her own. As a leader you may need to regain your own sense of organic timing, allowing things in your life, business, and leadership to ripen on their own schedule, and picking the fruit only when it is truly ready to be harvested.

Today, what does earth want to share with you about organic timing? Are there any situations in your life that need to ripen or go at their own pace? We'd love to have you join our Nature Nourished Leaders Facebook Community:

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