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Plant vision seeds

Planting vision seeds as a leader for both your life and the generations to come, matters.

Planting is a sacred act. If you’ve ever planted a vegetable garden you know. It feels miraculous seeing nothing above ground for days or weeks and then noticing a tiny shoot appear. Those little shoots grow into food which nourishes your body and those of your family. Growing, eating, and harvesting your food deeply adds to your sustainability and powerfully informs your nature nourished leadership. You are in a collaborative co-creation communion with Nature.

The same holds true when you plant vision seeds. It might be years until you notice the vision beginning to take root. Possibly in generations beyond your lifetime but you contribute to the greater good when you plant wisdom seeds for the future.

Planting your vision seeds of a sustainable future, in a healthy fertile inner field of rich soil with plenty of water, air, and light contributes to your dreams coming into fruition and thriving. Writing down your purpose aligned vision anchors it in rich soil. Infusing your vision with feelings adds water. Reviewing your intentions and designing a blueprint utilizes air. And taking the rhythmic action needed to bring them into being adds fire, a powerful unified field.

The next time you plant seeds, flowers, shrubs, trees or your visions do so with intention. State aloud or hold in your thoughts the desire(s) you choose to bring into being by planting.This will activate your intention. As you plant, hold within your body the feeling of that desire as already fulfilled. Give thanks for the power of Earth to ground your desires. When watering the plant be grateful again for the fulfillment of your desire, this adds additional “creation juice” to your desire.

Today, tune into what is next for you to plant.

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