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Solar Rhythm: Samhain

In Business & In Life: 🍁 Access Inner Guidance 🎃 Honor What You Are Harvesting 📙 Celebrate Your Completions Release What's No Longer Needed 🪞 Reflect on What You Choose to Grow in the Next Cycle I have two special gifts for you today:

#1: Download a handout for Samhain here. It's loaded with tips for honoring this point.

#2: Since the cross-quarter day of Samhain is such a great time to receive guidance, I've put the Digital Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle on Sale digitally on the amazing platform Deckible now through Nov 7th! The physical deck is also $5 off through Nov 7th with the coupon code OFF5! You enter the coupon code after you put your credit card number in and hit Redeem Code & it will recalculate the total before you finalize your payment. If you'd love to access elemental guidance in a quick and easy way you need this oracle. Find out more about the oracle here.

Power Day between Autumnal Equinox & Winter Solstice: SAMHAIN Samhain is traditionally celebrated on October 31. The four cross-quarter days of the Wheel of the Year were considered very important by the ancient people who worked with the Wheel. Honored by many cultures as a sacred time, Samhain (pronounced Sah-win, or Sah-ween) is also known as Halloween, All Souls Night, All Hallows Eve, with the Day of the Dead, or All Souls Day following on November 1 or 2.

The medieval Irish word Samhain means summer’s end. It’s celebrated as the last of three harvest festivals (Lughnasad, being the first; Autumnal Equinox, the second), as the growing season in the Northern Hemisphere comes to a close.

This cross-quarter day begins the turn toward winter. This time of year when so many cultures honor the dead occurs just as the deepest darkness of the year begins. The solar “Sun God” traditionally is thought of as going back into the womb of the “Goddess” to gestate there, until his rebirth at Winter Solstice. The six weeks from Samhain to Winter Solstice are the darkest time of our year.

Traditionally, this creates a window that ends the old growing season before the new one starts again. Some people connect to Samhain as both the end and the beginning of the new year; to others, it’s the end of the old year as the new one begins at Winter Solstice. Either way, the “veil between the worlds” of life and death are considered thin here, and traditionally, we honor those who have crossed through death to the other side.

During this Year of the Wheel Point, the ancestors are honored and celebrated by displaying photos and lighting candles on their behalf. These departed loved ones are also sometimes contacted for communication during this time. So take time here to appreciate all your ancestors, loved ones, and mentors on the other side, and all that you have harvested as this growing cycle comes to a close.

This window begins the inward turning time of the year. It’s the time to reflect within in order to determine what you’re ready to release or let go of, and what you choose to bring into the next growing cycle. The action of reflection here forms a very important part of the creation cycle. In order to create the “new,” often something also needs to be “let go of.” So spend time in reflection, tuning into what needs to be released, then be willing to take action to do so physically, or allow it to be released energetically.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Samhain:

  • Honor your ancestors and those who have transitioned that you love.

  • Tune into what you need to release and have a “letting go” ceremony or a big giveaway of things you no longer need.

  • Connect to anything you want to bring into form, energize the feeling of its completion, and give thanks.

  • Work with your creation journal or dream board, collage and energize what you are ready to have come into form. Remember that some things you want to bring in require a gestational time on the inner (just as a baby does in the womb) before they are ready to birth or emerge into the outer world.

  • Spend some time really listening to your inner guidance in every area of your life. This is a very important time to connect to elemental wisdom by working with each element (see directions below) and to listen internally to your feelings and guidance.

  • Review your year and ask yourself where you were successful with bringing in your creations and where you can apply yourself more fully.

  • If you enjoy divination, this is one of the most potent times of the year to do it because the veils between the worlds are thin. So get out your oracle cards, runes, or other tools and ask for guidance for the coming year.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Samhain:

  • Tune into what you need to “let go of” in your business/professional life in order to bring forth the next level of growth.

  • Take time to connect to your inner guidance around what’s next to be created in your business.

  • Honor and give thanks for your business/professional growth, development, and abundance over the last year. Determine the details of what you would like to bring forth during the next year.

  • Spend time in reflection around your business. Determine what needs gestation in order to fully come into form in the next growing cycle.

  • Honor your business “ancestors” and do some divination for your business.

  • If you want to see your business desires in form, use this window of ceremonial opportunity to allow the magical creation forces of nature to powerfully assist you.

  • Remember to give thanks and only energize what you choose to have come into form.

This is the time of year to access guidance! It's great to connect to the elements to receive their guidance in every realm of creation. Elemental Guidance:

If you have an Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, you may want to draw cards for additional guidance from each element and/or add insight from other decks. To support your connection to the Elements and the new Deckible card draw app I've put the Elemental Deck on Sale for only $4.99 through Nov 7. Access HERE Enjoy!

Give thanks to Earth and ask “What do I need to let go of for the next growing cycle and what is it time to create?”

Give thanks to Water and ask “What do I need to let go of for the next growing cycle and what is it time to create?”

Give thanks to Air and ask “What do I need to let go of for the next growing cycle and what is it time to create?”

Give thanks to Fire and ask “What do I need to let go of for the next growing cycle and what is it time to create?”

Give thanks to Spirit and ask “What do I need to let go of for the next growing cycle and what is it time to create?”

Now ask the unified field of all of the elements and Spirit for a unified message for what you need to let go of and release and what it is time to create. I'd love to hear your take-away so feel free to leave a comment. Blessings, Lisa

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29 oct. 2022

So grateful to see the Elemental Forces Oracle is back in stock! I often recommend it to others and will continue to do so.

Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels
11 nov. 2022
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Thank you I'm thrilled to have it back in stock also. Blessings dear one.

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