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The Invisible Transmitter

Sound, tone, and vibration all travel on the airwaves, the invisible transmitter. Even though you can’t see it, you feel Air’s effects when it warms you on a hot summer day or chills you to the bone when it blows in the middle of winter. Lack of air, for even a minute, can damage your brain and body for the rest of your life. You constantly take air into your body and the fresher air you take in the better. Stale air with an unappealing odor repels, and smog or air pollution is dangerous to your health. You need a supply of fresh clean air to fully feel alive and vital. The same holds true in your consciousness, the area governed by the element of Air. Just as you need clean air to breathe, you need a clean mental realm that can focus clearly on your intent and help you maintain a powerful perspective from which to vision your life and business as a leader. In relation to the other elements, Air moves fast and is not easily contained. Mental chatter easily clutters up the mind. In order to be an effective leader, you need your mental realm free from chatter, worry, and negative thought for it to function at its optimal capacity. The Air realm can teach you to clear your old mental patterns and to focus on your desires. The Air realm brings one of its most precious gifts in music. It can inspire you, causing your soul to sing and your body to dance. When you feel music in your body and notice your response to it, you open your soul to the subtle vibration and variations of creation. Musical rhythms reflect the patterns of the cosmos. Music is the sound of Spirit moving through you, and the music of life sings uniquely through each of us. Dancing to its pulse brings your creations into being. As I was listening to Roger James Hamilton today on the powerful replay of the Global Entrepreneur Summit, he said "we are all in a dance with the universe." And it's true, so tune into Air this week and notice what stirs in you. How are you dancing to and with the energy of the universe as a leader?

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