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Whatever you’ve been through in life, brings the medicine you carry.

Every single thing you’ve gone through matters; it matters to who you are and how you show up in the world. It makes a difference in your wisdom and your compassion for others as a leader. Honor each individual thread of learning and knowing you’ve gathered in your life as it is evaluated, sorted, and spun into new creations. Weave the threads of your life together into a tapestry of inner wisdom.

Threads that seemed like separate streams of life get woven together into a deeper matrix of wholeness as you proceed along your path as a leader. This weaving gives you a more stable awareness of your inner truth and the unique wisdom that is yours to carry.

While the treads are the same as the previous individual strands, when woven together they create an entirely new fabric of expression for the next phase of life and leadership.

Appreciate your past and acknowledge your personal medicine, because everything you’ve been through makes your medicine different from anybody else’s – it makes it unique, and you’ve got the capacity to inspire others around you. Just by showing up with the healing that you’ve done that other people around you feel; they're inspired by it, it gives them hope and brings grace to their lives.

Today, feel into your unique journey through life, and write about it in your journal. Acknowledge and appreciate your journey, and appreciate the inner healing medicine you carry as leader.

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