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make a difference

Become a Creation Team Alchemist and help others discover their soul purpose, uncover how to manifest gracefully with their inner Creation Team, identify the type of intuition they utilize, and activate their innate unique prosperity power.

You'll choose how to focus your results based on the solution you provide to your client. You'll experience the freedom that comes from coaching clients and facilitating, from home or any location in the world, helping those you work with manifest their soul visions and heart dreams. 

This training works for those just getting started in business or coaches with years of experience. No matter where you are in your business this certification will take your client work to the next level and includes business and income generation skill strengthening.

You will be trained and certified to provide...

• One-to-one Soul Purpose Creation Team Sessions

• One-to-one Manifestation Creation Team Sessions

• One-to-one Intuition Creation Team Sessions

• One-to-one Prosperity Power Creation Team Sessions

• Group Creation Team Workshops - Your Chosen Focus

This certification package includes 20 modules of content
over 10 weeks and 3 one-to-one sessions with Lisa Michaels

designed to grow your business. 

The three personal 50 Minute Sessions with Lisa 

Session 1: Your Creation Team Impact on Business & Prosperity

Session 2: Your Client Attracting Marketing Identity

Session 3: Your Clear Client Pathway

If you have already done any of these three sessions with Lisa then
 will work on what you need next in your business and cash flow
strategy development. 

So what is a Creation team and
How does it impact you and your clients?

A person's Creation Team is the inner group of elemental archetypal energies that they innately work with to manifest anything in life. The Creation Team determines the type of intuition a person has and the fundamental ways they need to create prosperity. 

They are found in a person's core astrological make-up and are easy and vital to understand. The inner Creation Team energies need to be connected and aligned for you or your clients to experience flow, grace, ease, and success. 

If they are not aligned they will often cause inner conflicts and struggles and can keep someone stuck in indecision, frustration, lack, and limitation for years.

Not knowing their Creation Team they can feel...

• Out of alignment with their soul purpose or simply not having a sense of their life's purpose, what they've come to learn, do, and/or be.  

• Frustrated and disappointed because their prosperity isn't flowing as well
as they know it could but they don't know how to change it.

• Struggle with manifesting their dreams, desires, and visions because their inner creation team isn't working well together. They are likely experiencing
an internal power struggle.

• Out of touch with the unique type of intuition they utilize and often think they are not intuitive when they may simply not understand their form of intuition. 

A deep calling to be more than they currently are experiencing but have
no idea how to align internally with what is next for them to express. 

And that's where your skill set as a Creation Team Alchemist helps them. 


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By having the capacity to tune into all the elemental archetypal energies they were born with, you can help them discover the ways they need to work together more effectively.

You'll not only awaken a deeper awareness of how all these energies manifest, access intuition, and get into prosperity'll uncover how to lead your client to their inner knowing. 

The more you can lead your clients toward their inner truth the more their awarenesses and discoveries come from their soul so it's not just mental knowledge but sincere soul alignment

The trouble with many coaching programs today is that coaches are often trying to help their clients from the mental realm alone. That usually leaves both the client and the coach frustrated and sometimes even power struggling when they could be making profound progress toward authentic soul clarity. 

ISS-Home-Office-Day-22 (1).jpg
A person's Creation Team is comprised of up to 12 elemental archetypes that each manifest differently. Here's an example related to prosperity. 
Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 11.31.08 AM.png
In the Creation Team Alchemist certification, you'll connect to these elemental archetypes in a way that moves beyond mental learning. You will activate your archetypal intuition so that when you are working with a client you have access to the guidance you need to support your clients with ease and grace. 

One of these 12 elemental archetypes functions in 8 different positions on a person's Creation Team. You'll awaken the ability to alchemically help your clients integrate these energies so they powerfully work together to manifest anything in life. 

Note from Lisa

The content and schedule follow and I'm available for a one-to-one conversation about the training to get your questions answered. In our conversation, I'll answer your questions and simply hold space for you to receive clarity about the training. There's no pressure to join us involved.  This training must be in soul alignment for you, dear one, to experience results for your clients and success for yourself. 

I've trained many coaches to use these tools over the years and helped hundreds of people in my own coaching sessions and groups. This is likely to be the last time I record this training live so, if your soul is calling for you to join us, now is the time. 

Reach out if you have questions. Ask over email or book a time to talk. I'm here to support you in making a bigger difference for your clients. 

Blessings, Lisa

Modules happen from 1-2:30 pm Eastern on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for 10 weeks from February 14 - April 20, 2023. It is not required that you attend the sessions live. All module content will be recorded if you can't make the live recording and available to access later for review. The content section of each module will go for 60-75 minutes with Q & A and/or practice for the remaining portion of the training. 

Training Content & Schedule 

ISS-shades-of-red-1 (2).jpg

Week 1
Module 1: Feb 14: Welcome, how to get the most out of the training and get certified, certification requirements, certification strategy, an overview of the training, an overview of the Creation Team and how it will help your clients, setting intention, and developing your business strategy using Creation Team alchemy.

Module 2: Feb 16: Overview of all the players on the Creation Team and what they do. How to work with the chart, which players need the most attention, and how chart alchemy works. 

Week 2
Module 3: Feb 21: Alchemical archetypal intuition and manifestation power with the Earth Archetypes. 


Module 4: Feb 23: Alchemical archetypal intuition and manifestation power with the Water Archetypes.

Week 3
Module 5: Feb 28: Alchemical archetypal intuition and manifestation power with the Air Archetypes.

Module 6: Mar 2: Alchemical archetypal intuition and manifestation power with the Fire Archetypes.

Week 4
Module 7: Mar 7: Core Essence of Creation Team Alchemy Sessions

Module 8: Mar 9: Purpose-filled Prosperity Power Creation Team Alchemy


Week 5
Module 9: Mar 14: Personal Session Process, holding space for someone, when the ego speaks up, archetypal frustration, session procedure, and ways to integrate the Creation Team.

Module 10: Mar 16: Creation Team Practice Sessions

Week 6

Module 11: Mar 21: Group Creation Team Program Delivery Online

Module 12: Mar 23: Group Creation Team Program Delivery In-Person

Week 7
Module 13: Mar 28: Going Deeper: Overview of Outer Planetary Influences

Module 14: Mar 30: How to Locate the Major Outer Planetary Influences

Week 8
Module 15: April 4: How to add the outer planets into Creation Team alchemy.

Module 16: April 6: Adding the outer planets into a Creation Team session. 

Week 9
Module 17: 
April 11: Clarifying Your Marketing Identity & Client Pathway.

Module 18: April 13: Deepening Your Marketing Strategy.

Week 10
Module 19: April 18: Quarterly Promotions to Drive Cash Flow.


Module 20: April 20: Completion, Integration, Certification Process

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 10.54_edited.jpg

There are many more testimonials on my about page and I've collected over the years.

And what's important here is that I'll help you get these kinds of results with your clients!


Become a Creation Team Alchemist today and start help others discover their soul purpose, know how to manifest gracefully with their inner Creation Team, identify the type of intuition they utilize, and activate their innate unique prosperity power.

Provide your one-to-one sessions and facilitate from anywhere in the world. 
Are you ready to up level your ability to help others?

Become a Creation Team Alchemist today!

Program Includes 20 Training Modules and
3 One-to-One Sessions with Lisa Michaels

Program Full Pay $2000 USD

Registration for this certification closes Feb 16!

Enroll me in the training!

I'm ready to become a Creation Team Alchemist.


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5 sessions & 5 people at a workshop at $200 will cover the cost of your training.
(Prices & Formats for your sessions & trainings will be your choice.)

If you prefer a three installment option to be paid by Feb/Mar/April 14th
Please send an email and we'll happily get it set up for you.
$685 x 3 payments = Total $2055

Please email us if you have any questions or would like to set up a time to
chat with Lisa on Zoom. We are here to support you. 

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