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I’m super excited to share my guest appearance in on Joyful Business TV! Listen as Laura West and I talk about my journey from ballet teacher to spiritual entrepreneur!

In this episode we talk about:

* Working with nature, rhythms and the elements helps you create in your business

*Blending soul and strategy

*Understanding your unique Prosperity Power

*My rituals for connecting to guidance with nature

And so much more you’ll want to hear!

This was such a fun and creative interview – I think you’ll really love it and get inspired!

Listen to the Show         Access Joyful Business TV

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Having a conversation with Katherine Morales always comes loaded with meaning insights. We had a juicy connection around how to “Follow the Energy” in business and your endeavors.

You'll find the delightful interview and the transcript HERE. 

VLynn Hawkins and I had an outstanding conversation in our time together. Her powerful conversations are with health, nutrition, alternative medicine, healthy lifestyle, and cause advocates, about healing our body, mind and spirit, our environments, our communities, and healing our planet.

You can hear our inspiring connection HERE

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