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Gluten free Plant-Based Atlanta

Finding Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, Vegan food at a restaurant can be quite a challenge. Gluten-free is one thing, plant-based is another, finding something that works for both is generally not easy. Because of that, I've decided to share what I find wherever I go to support you if you are on the same journey. 


May 2024: My husband and I checked out VeGreen in Duluth. It was a pleasant atmosphere and the food was good. The menu over all had very few descriptions of the food and the GF menu was the same, so it was hard to know what to choose. 

We ended up with the volcano roll (which we loved), the tofu pad thai (it was good - my husband like the tofu, I didn't), and their salad (it was okay). Overall it was a pleasant experience and I would go back. Next time I'm likely to have more GF vegan sushi! 

Aqua Terra.jpeg

Feb 2024: We were invited to Aqua Terra Bistro in Buford by my amazing friend and precious ballet company director, from many years ago, Diane Callahan and her daughter Wendy. There were 6 of us in all and it was such a fun event.

Aqua Terra has a vegan menu and I also called about the gluten-free issue before going and they did an AMAZING job with the dish we chose. We had the Portobello Mushroom: seared mushroom cap, asparagus, jasmine rice, spinach. The best vegan food I've had at a restaurant to date! 

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