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How consciously are you using the power tool of intention?

Marie Fratoni, of Get Clients Everywhere and the Founder of the Women's Professional Development Network took my relationship to intentions to a new level with her sharing about setting "Be, Do, Have" intentions. Your intention helps you define both your purpose for doing something and the end result you have in mind. You use intention for creating inner-world growth as well as for setting and achieving outer-world goals. Setting intentions is like setting the target of your desires so you know your aim. You don't always (or often) need to know "how" you will get where you are going, you just need to know where you are heading. Sometimes, you may find yourself in the midst of a life transition, a time of deep change (which we are all in collectively as I write this), and you don't know what is coming next. At those times, even when you don't know where you are going you can focus your mental energy in a constructive manner. You can have the intention to be in the unknown until the next step is revealed to you.

Marie shared that "Be" intentions are ones in which you claim how you want to be in a situation. I choose to "Be" calm, centered, grounded, clear, generous, gracious, supportive, loving. In addition to tuning into this in life she suggests really using it when you go networking before you even enter the room. For your intention to come into form fully, you also need commitment. Commitment is the energy that helps you see something through until completion. It works hand in hand with focus. If you are committed to your intention, focus helps you realign when you get off track. You have so many choices in life and business, so many places to put your energy, so many interesting things to explore, do, express, create, and people to meet. Focus helps you keep directing your attention towards your desires until they full come into form. Focused commitment helps you "Do" the right aligned actions to bring your "Have" intentions into form. When you try to bring everything into form at once, the energy, the creative juice, gets too dispersed. When you focus on one creation at a time (in the present moment) you generate enough concentrated power to bring a desire into form. You are gifted with the ability to think and be discriminating in the focus of your thoughts. Focusing your attention on anything amplifies its energy, so you need to be sure to keep your focus on what you desire in life and business. What you focus on expands. If you focus on what you don't want or have, you simply get more of that. Turning your attention back to what you do want sometimes requires a subtle shift, but a highly important one just the same. To achieve this shift, you must begin noticing your thoughts and words. If you observe yourself thinking or saying that you don't know what you want, but you know what you don't want, you need to discover your true desire and turn your attention toward that. While it is extremely important for you to keep your mental energy focused on what you choose to bring into being, you must simultaneously release any attachment to the outcome. Focusing your energy does not equate to controlling a situation. Today, pay extra attention to intention and notice just how powerful it is and tap into what do you choose to "Be, Do, and Have" right now?

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