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Keep Disappointment Cleared

Energetically nothing puts a wet blanket on your leadership and forward progress faster than the feeling of disappointment. It makes you question everything you’ve been doing. You start wondering if it was all worth it. You place your attention on not getting the results you expected instead of opening your creative flow to consciously generate success.

Disappointment can quickly become self-indulgent. Because you’re disappointed, you decide not to try anymore. Your creativity flow stops when you judge your results. To clear disappointment you need to remember that leadership and creation take consistent practice just like learning any other skill. To reach skillful mastery with anything—from public speaking, to an online launch, to filling a program, to creating the relationship of your dreams—it all takes practice. Obstacles and setbacks happen but what’s important is do you allow them to stop you or do you quickly recover. Do your best not to give up or give into disappointment. And if you have, clear that feeling, get out there and go for it again. Encourage yourself to take responsibility for doing it even better this time.

Today, notice where you’ve felt disappointment in your results, in the results of those you lead, in your willingness to keep going. Take a few minutes and write down your insights. Clear any old feelings of disappointment and focus on uplifting the situation. Note from Lisa: I post insights like this almost daily on my Lisa Michaels Author Facebook Page and in the community Facebook Group Nature Nourished Leaders. Feel free to join us in either of those places for more insights.

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