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The Way of Integrity: It's a Powerful Leadership Guide

Martha Beck's latest book will guide you into a deeper relationship to your true self as a leader. It's a foundational book for anyone who deals with transformation, in yourself and your clients. I picked it up at the library on a Saturday morning and finished it that Sunday evening. It was that engaging and compelling. Martha explores, the way to integrity is in finding your core truth. She says, "Each choice against our sense of truth, no matter how trivial, makes us more likely to self-sabotage. It's as if, by splitting ourselves, we launch the alter ego that destroys our best intentions." I know from my own inner work and my work with hundreds of clients this is also common, "Almost always, our deepest self-betrayals have their roots in our childhood." She uses The Divine Comedy, to show how to traverse the inner terrain of transformation. Revealing the pathway to core wholeness through this journey. She provides not only a guidebook for the journey, but also skills for how to get yourself back on track if you need to recalibrate. Toward the end of the book she has a section, I feel is particularly important for leaders. "If you begin to feel overwhelmed by other people's attention," she says, "or swept up by the social energy of larger and larger groups, it's helpful to review your basic integrity skills to help you stay the course." She then has a very insightful reminder list, all of which I loved. I'll leave you with the final reminder, of which I frequently need to remind myself. "Forgive yourself for violating your integrity when you didn't know better. Let go of your mistakes. Remember and value everything you've done that accords with your sense of truth." "Your way of integrity will lead you to serve the world in ways that increase your own happiness." Are you ready to engage this book of valuable insights? If so, find it at your local library, order it on Amazon Here with my affiliate link, or buy it from your other favorite book source. Enjoy and let me know how it moved you dear one.

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