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Each of the tests below will give you very helpful insights into yourself as entrepreneur.

Each of the tests will take you to GeniusU where you'll need to create a profile first to take the tests. Once your profile is set up click on each test link the test is on the top right of the Microdegree. Once you have a profile you will only need to be logged in to take the next test.

The test itself will give you a tremendous amount of information and the connected full Microdegree will provide you with additional extremely helpful information. So feel free to take the entire Microdegree if you like anytime.

Discover which one of the 4 main types of Genius's you are by taking YOUR GENIUS TEST.

Tune into where you are in the wealth lighthouse to determine what you need next as an entrepreneur in the MILLIONAIRE MASTER PLAN TEST.

Find out what drives you as your core mission with YOUR PURPOSE TEST.

Uncover YOUR PASSIONS with this test.

Click here to find me on GeniusU and if you choose me as your mentor and message me I'm happy to help guide you to your next steps for success.

Book a 30 minute virtual coffee with me to connect and get to know each other. If you'd like I'm delighted to help you clarify what you need next as an entrepreneur. BOOK HERE

Roger Hamilton's book or audiobook the Millionaire Master Plan is an extremely helpful resource. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

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