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Do you feel you are almost there in your business, but haven’t fully lined up your offers to your income sweet spot in the marketplace?

Have you done training after training for your coaching skills, and yet you still need a clear cash flow system for where you are in your business right now?

Are you longing for more feminine organic systems so you can have energetic sustainability in your business?

If any of these ring true for you, I’d like to invite you to join me for The Sweet Spot Cash Flow Foundation System.

I'd love to help you set up your nature aligned cash flow and business creation manifestation system. 


I'm Lisa Michaels, and I have 30 years of entrepreneurship in multiple businesses, and I just spent the last 2 plus years, extensively learning additional layers of entrepreneur skills. So there's lots I can share with you to help you pull together a powerful system for your business. 

Mountain Ridge

The Sweet Spot Cash Flow System Foundation Includes:

3 Training Modules 90 minutes and all recorded:

Module 1: Organic 12 Week Creation & Cash Planning System 

  • Connect to organic creation flow and manifest with more ease

  • Create clear focus to know your purposeful next steps 

  • Integrate clear periods of celebration & rest for energetic sustainability

      May 11 - 2-3:30pm Eastern


Module 2: Your Quarterly Cash Flow Strategic Plan

  • Align with your “right now” sweet spot for strategic cash flow

  • Access the power of design to bring the formless into form 

  • Combine your right brain creativity with left brain clarity for greater cash flow

       May 18 - 2-3:30pm Eastern

Module 3: Step-by-Step from Plan to Your Cash Flowing

  • Design your step-by-step cash flow plan & know what to do when

  • Develop trust in your planning & timing intuition 

  • Stay centered and clear while engaging your customers and sharing your services

     May 25 - 2-3:30pm Eastern


Mountain Ridge

Kati Tuulipuro

“Lisa is wonderful in tuning into the individual needs of you as an entrepreneur and in providing assistance for you to take your business forward in new and exciting ways. In her mentoring sessions, you find ways to bring forth your own individual talents to help and lead others in your own community and beyond.”


Sandy Combs

“Meeting Lisa Michaels a few years ago was like putting turbo boosters on both my personal and professional growth. Lisa is an eclectic blend of grace, strength, sharp intellect and vision with a powerful ability to catalyze change in others. If you are ready to say YES to the highest vision of yourself and take planned, sustainable action Lisa Michaels knows how to bring that vision into reality!” 

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Angela Roberts

"Lisa's guidance has been an incredible blessing in my life. Her leadership, business, and personal development trainings have supported me to discover my fulfilling purpose; answer the call to make a difference in the world through my unique genius; refine my facilitation skills and gifts that I use to be of service; become a heart-centered consciously empowered leader; clarify my entrepreneurial path, business model, and service offerings."


Bonus One: A 5 Module Elemental Superpowers Series

Clear & Claim Your Level 1 Elemental Leadership Powers & Superpowers

You’ll come away from these sessions with freshly embodied powers and superpowers to enhance your capacity to manifest and create your highest visions!


      Earth: Elemental Power to Stand on Your Own & Superpower Timing

      Water: Elemental Power of love &  Superpower Intuition

      Air: Elemental Power of Intention & Superpower Frequency 

      Fire: Elemental Power of Action & Superpower Radiance

      Spirit: Elemental Power of Choice & Superpower Soul Essence

You’ll clear the places where your ego has gotten stuck in the past and claim your next level of potent leadership to stand in your superpowers, manifesting with more ease and grace.

Bonus Two: A $97 Token to Uncover Your Genius Type

This will help you clarify your sweet spot in your business & in the market place. 


Mountain Ridge

Come Away from The Sweet Spot Cash Flow System Foundation with...

  • A simple way to work with nature's seasonal cycle to manifest your business financial and creation goals with clear direction.

  • A strong path to guide your cash flow through each of these 12 week cycles + a bonus week each season to celebrate your success.

  • A clear strategy for going from your plan to your cash flowing each quarter. Once you understand how to do this you'll be able to rinse and repeat. 

  • Templates & checklists for ease and flow.

    The foundation level program is only $97
    through May 10th, 3pm Eastern. After that the doors close. ​It includes the three 90 minute trainings, the bonuses of your elemental powers and super powers activations, and the token to discover your genius type. 

                                               Thank you...Program Doors are Closed 


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