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Align Your Integrity with Your Wisdom and Intuition

Standing in your integrity as a leader brings trust with those in your community, because they know you are reliable, honest, and consistently keeping your word. It’s a powerful springboard for confident decision making in accordance with your deepest values, helping you to stay true to yourself. Integrity is a choice as a leader and one you have to keep making over time. Integrity applies to every element. Just as a bridge or building needs structural integrity for safety, so do you as a leader. Physical integrity applies to noticing what you are eating and if you are nourishing yourself in alignment with your values. Emotional integrity supports you in knowing the truth of how you feel and staying true to heart as a leader. Mental integrity means paying attention to what you say, how you say it, as well as deeply staying true to your word and principles.

Energetic integrity involves taking authentic actions that align with your values and the visions you are bringing forth in the world. As a leader it’s important to align your integrity with the highest expression of your wisdom and intuition. Integrity also leads you further into the value of honoring the natural world and her principles. Living in alignment and a deep respect for nature strengthens your integrity as a leader.

Today, ask yourself where you can align with more integrity; physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, with your wisdom, intuition, and connection to nature.

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