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Full moon & Lughnasad Elemental Guidance Event: Would you like to join us?

We would love it if you could join us on the full moon in Aquarius, and the traditionally celebrated Wheel of the Year day of Lammas/Lughnasad, to receive elemental guidance to direct your business manifestations for the next 6 weeks. 8/1/23 • 11am Eastern • Replay will be made available if you can't join us live.

As you connect to these potent lunar and solar rhythms, in this one hour event you will: . • Tap into your soul essence and that of your business for guiding insights from Spirit. • Gain next level visionary perspective on your business opportunities with Air’s navigation. • Amplify your radiance and spark your business growth with Fire’s leadership. • Deepen your capacity to magnetize clients and help them get results with Water’s advice. • Receive your strategic next steps to manifesting more income with Earth’s direction.

Preparation: 1. Either download and print, or draw an Elemental Unified Field image: 2. We'll also be drawing cards from the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle deck. You can either access a deck yourself or work with the card Lisa draws for the collective. Find out more about the oracle which is available in both a physical or digital format here: 3. Turn off all distractions and prepare to tune in and receive guidance during this sacred timing.

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