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Happy Earth Day!

Nature inspires creation and creativity. Simply being in the natural world will bring inspiration, however, when you consciously open to and acknowledge the living field of creation existing in nature you will amplify your experience tremendously. Nature models creation and creativity constantly, all you have to do is allow her to inspire you. She brings color and light and sound. There are shapes and flowers, moss, trees, rocks, gradations, textures, growth and decay. Take it all in. Open to it. Let it fill you, influence you, impel and animate your inner creative force. In the same way Nature inspires you, you can inspire others by openly being your authentic self as a leader, show your mossy bits, grow from your composted experiences. Anytime you need inspiration go out in nature and go for a walk or sit on the ground and just open. Allow the living field to support you to bring you what you need. If it’s how to shape, structure, form or manifest something, connect especially to Earth. If you need assistance handling an emotion, or you need support with a relationship, or perhaps growing your community, sit near a body of Water. If you need fresh ideas, a clear vision, or want to communicate more effectively through the power of words, take lots of deep breaths and ask for Air’s support. Connect to Fire through the sun or an actual fire to release what no longer serves you, gain clarity on the next action you need to take, or to increase your visibility as a leader. Open to the type of inspiration you need next and listen. Allow clarity and intuition to emerge. Today, no matter the weather, go be in Nature and allow her to inspire you.

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