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Honor how the natural world sustains your life.

Honor comes in all sorts of forms that make a difference to you as a leader.

First and foremost is honoring yourself, your journey, your experiences, your intuition and your wisdom gained along the way. Honor the service you’ve put in as leader and honor your essence. Honor your skills, gifts, and talents as well as your imperfections. Your mistakes and your weaknesses have taught you also, honor them. Honor those who’ve trained you, who mentored you, those who brought you into the world and those who helped raise you. Honor those you engage with and who support you.

Honor Nature and how the natural world sustains your life. Honor your body as your personal container of the elements. Give honoring gratitude to the nourishment that comes from the Earth in the food you eat. Appreciate the precious gift of life that Air brings, the deep nourishment Water provides, the warmth of the sun, and the beauty of flowers. Honoring has a soul quality to it of gratitude, appreciation, reverence, and esteem which impacts how you interact with the world around you. Center yourself and your leadership in it and it will enhance your interactions and support your wisdom.

Today, approach everyone you interact with and everything you contact with a sense of honoring. Pay close attention to how it feels, to what it shifts in you. Make a list of 10-25 things you choose at the moment to honor in yourself and your journey. Notice what it shifts in the way you consider yourself and your journey when it is honored. Then go out into Nature and honor each of the elements by expressing your gratitude.

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