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Increase Intuition + Leo New Moon

This Leo New Moon is about heart centered leadership and I’ve been led today to share some of what I’ve uncovered recently about an increase in my intuition, in case it supports your journey. Under this personal sharing you'll find the Leo new moon guidance suggestions.

Recently, I've noticed a major increase in my intuition which has been really noticeable to me as I mentor my clients. I first experienced a major increase in intuition when I started working with the elemental forces consciously and began becoming a priestess in 1997. Over the years it’s certainly grown, as I continued to step into more and more leadership, but I haven’t witnessed such a significant level of increase until lately. This increase has benefited every client I’ve worked with over the past year or so because of the way it flows through me now. But I wasn’t sure how it happened until when I was visiting a dear friend a couple of weeks ago. I was talking about noticing it in multiple ways and she suggested it came from a seemingly unrelated change my husband and I have just naturally made over the years since Covid began. As I’ve been considering what she said I believe she may have pinpointed how it’s evolving.

When Covid began my husband and I were concerned about food supply chains so we began vegetable gardening. We’d been gardening with herbs, ferns, and flowers for years but never grown many vegetables. I’m not sure why but somehow we thought it was harder than it is, but it turns out it is AMAZING. We had almost always purchased starter plants from local nurseries but for some reason we began experimenting with growing from seed. I was shocked at how easy it was and how a tiny seed grew into food we could eat to fuel our bodies. I know it sounds silly, we all know that’s how it works, but somehow it felt out of reach to us before then. But the little miracle of the seed growing into something we could eat feels like magic. How had we been so separated from our food source? We decided we needed to take growing food more seriously and began learning more through books and youtube. But what happened simultaneously was pretty remarkable as well, slowly, our diet began to change and two die hard omnivores began to transition to an almost all plant-based diet. I’d been gluten free since my mom died in 2015 because of some issues I’d been having and what I’d seen as family health patterns, so I knew how difficult it was for the people around me when I made dietary changes. Even still, I was unprepared for the backlash from this deep change, but that’s another story, for another time.

This plant in our garden is a Chinese Wool Flower. It's an all-but-forgotten edible ornamental, from the amaranth family. You can find out more or purchase the seeds here. As we dug deeper into the food systems we’ve been participating in for our entire lives, we started realizing how much of what we consumed was because of how we were programmed to purchase and ingest certain foods. We noticed how family and community food cultures are centered around this programming and how deeply entrenched old habits and beliefs are around it, myself included, before this deep change. My friend suggested my increase in intuition was due to my dietary changes. She said she felt eating mostly plant based has changed my consciousness. I say mostly plant based because even though I only cook plant based myself now, if my dad catches fish, cleans them, and cooks them, then we honor that process and enjoy them with him. He’s been a major trophy winning fisherman all his life and loves sharing, so we deeply appreciate him and them.

While we didn’t start out to make this huge change, it naturally evolved and has had some outstanding benefits in terms of weight loss, overall health increase, a decrease in strain on planetary resources, and an increase in intuition. I’ve not only learned more about gardening and our food system structures, I’ve also discovered a whole new way of cooking and preserving food. I'd be happy to share resources around any of these aspects with you if you are interested. Just let me know by either posting in the comments or sending me an email and I'll pull some resources together for you. I'd also love to hear about any chances you've made since Covid and if you noticed them making a difference for you as a leader or impacting your intuition.


Leo New Moon

This new moon asks you to step fully into your radiance and the center stage of your life. It calls for you to pay attention to where you can liberally apply more heart centered self-love and creativity to enliven your life. Leo wants you to have a good time being all you can be and fully expressing your essence.

This new moon says, “Seed what you need to activate your ‘star’ self. Take the time to internally tune-in to any area where you need more self-confidence and set your new moon intentions for those areas.” Since this is a Fire new moon, dance to activate your intentions, then act confidently as if they were already your reality.

The most powerful action you can take during this time is to fire up your self-confidence and self-love. So tune into what both of them need in order to ignite your creations further. Pay attention to where you need to move your life and business forward with the Fire power of action. Do what needs to be done in order to energize your creations.

Let Fire illuminate the areas of your life that need more heart centered growth and expansion. Use this dynamic fuel to propel your business and finances forward. Stoke your desires with creativity and passion.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Leo New Moon:

❖ Increase your radiance by getting in motion to energize your body.

❖ Schedule time to fluff your physical appearance in the most regal way you can afford.

❖ Think through new ways to apply your creativity to each of your intentions.

❖ Notice where you need to increase your self-confidence.

❖ Take the actions you need to take to bring more self-love into your life.

❖ Tune in to any life areas where you could step more fully onto center stage. Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Leo New Moon: ❖ Focus on ways to take your presentation style to the next level.

❖ Connect to ways you can be more heart centered and visible in your business or career.

❖ Think through how you can bring more radiance and visibility to your overall business. ❖ Notice how you can step more fully into your radiant leadership abilities.

❖ Connect to your career or business, and consider where you need to develop more courage to follow your heart.

❖ Determine how you might enliven your stage presence or public persona.

❖ Apply methods to improve your business or career publicity.

Take care dear one and let me know how this new moon inspires your wisdom and helps you increase your intuition. Lisa

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Jul 27, 2022

Also been working on how to garden in my very shaded space and have been putting garden beds out in my floodplain. It has worked, and been amazing. The plants water themselves because once they get their roots through the raised beds they are in the water table. Want to put in more of them since this experiment seems to be working.... Now I can go back to growing at my own home from seed whereas I used to grow from seed to grow at other's homes.

Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels
Jul 27, 2022
Replying to

Fabulous! I've been looking into some shade gardening as well. I love hearing this. Thank you for sharing.


Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels
Jul 27, 2022

I'd love to hear your comments!

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