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Lunar Rhythm: Pisces New Moon

The Pisces new moon window helps you tap into your intuition and insight from the dreamy collective consciousness. Pay attention to your feelings and subtle psychic guidance. Spend some time during this new moon really tuning into the messages life is bringing you from your dreams, the signs and symbols you notice around you, and your inner guidance. Take time during this new moon to connect to Spirit and see how Source is flowing into your life. Pray, meditate, journal, and imagine the best life and business you can for yourself and the world around you. This is a powerful time to dream a life on behalf of the collective, a life filled with tenderness, peace, and a strong connection to nature. Allow this new moon to support your compassionate heart. Notice what old feelings need to flow in order for you to become more clear, clean, and current emotionally. Are there any facets of your life, business, or relationships that you have harshly judged, or been frustrated with, that need a dose of compassion applied? The most effective action you can take during this time is to apply your imagination to the realm of creation by dreaming your ideal world into being and holding both the feeling and image of its completion. Holding the feeling of what it feels like when your dreams come into being is critical. Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle. Personal Action Suggestions for Pisces New Moon:

❖ Focus on what it feels like when your dreams are fulfilled and practice, practice, practice holding that vibration.

❖ Give a liberal dose of appreciation to all of the people in your life.

❖ Apply more compassion to yourself and your relationships.

❖ Spend time in reflection and renewal.

❖ Connect to the Divine and ask for any spiritual guidance needed.

❖ Feel into your creative energy and express it in a way that helps to make your hopes or dreams a reality.

❖ Notice the messages of your dreams and intuition and spend time reflecting on how to implement those messages when they hint at making changes to your life. Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Pisces New Moon:

❖ Feel into how your business could better serve humanity and the ways you can apply the insights you receive.

❖ Tune into how you can bring a greater level of spirituality into your business.

❖ Notice 2-3 ways you can renew and nourish your business.

❖ Connect to how you are feeling about your business and your economic flow. Clear out any fearful or frustrated feelings and program into your feelings (inner waters) the business vibration you choose to hold.

❖ Spend time imagining what you want your business to be like and take notes. Create from your dreaming.

❖ Look around your business to see where you could be more creative. Journal, and then implement.

❖ Pay attention during this new moon to your business intuition. Notice what you’re feeling called to release and/or create. Excerpt from LunaSol...

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