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Water in Creation

Every element impacts your prosperity in a variety of ways. 1) Your ability to work effectively with each element in creation makes a big difference in your results. Let's say, you are frustrated in business because of your past financial flow. In that situation, your inner water will be magnetizing from your past experience and not what you choose to have happen. In other words, your inner prosperity flow will not be clear and clean. You'll need to do some emotional release work to let go of your old feelings of frustration in order to run the new level of success you want to energize. You need to be moving toward what you choose to create, instead of energizing more of what you don't want from the past. 2) Another way an element can impact your prosperity centers on which of the elemental archetypes you carry and where it is in your creation team. If you have a watery inner feminine, inner masculine, thinking style, or life purpose you'll need to be very diligent about keeping your emotions clear of old shame, disappointment, anger, and fear in order to magnetize the abundance you choose to bring forth. 3) Additionally, your capacity to utilize the watery archetypes of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, in the natural rhythmic cycles of a new moon, full moon, or other times of the week and year helps you to strengthen your ability to bring forth your visions and nourish your creations until they come fully into form. As you tune into Water, pay attention to how your feelings are impacting your results.

Water Reminders:

  • Water is the emotional realm.

  • Water teaches ebb and flow, changing pace according to the type of water flowing. Water flows with varying levels of intensity. Sometimes water is calm and clear, and other times it is wild and rushing. Sometimes it’s in between. For greater creation capacity, learn to go with the flow and surrender into the current pace.

  • Water is a highly programmable element that magnetizes to it the same vibration it holds. Pay attention to what you are drawing into your life and adjust your water’s program where needed.

  • Water is an element you can see your reflection in. Use water’s capacity to mirror your feelings and beliefs back to you by noticing what you are experiencing and clearing what is no longer needed.

  • You wash your body, clothes, dishes, and home with water. It is the element you clean with externally and internally. When old emotional energy gets held in the body, it often needs water to help it to clear and move. Tears are one way water clears and cleanses energy, so watch a movie that helps you cry or schedule a clearing session to do yourself, or with a spiritual guide or healer, when old emotional energy needs to move or when you feel blocked. Enjoy this complimentary Water Handout Download.

If you'd like a deeper dive into the Elemental Forces of Creation my book Nature's Creation Alchemy is full of activations and wisdom about how to work with each element and nature's rhythms. You will find it on Amazon Here.

Also, the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle helps you dive deeper into the core principles of each element in insightful ways. I've extended the sale on the oracle because I realized the way I posted the code for the physical deck was a little confusing. Use the code Off5 to save $5 on the physical deck. It makes a great gift for those on your list who love deepening their inner wisdom. Find out more about the oracle HERE.

Blessings and love, Lisa

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