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The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, a unique set of 90 cards, leads you into a deeper living relationship with Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit. Each element becomes a powerful ally as you consciously engage, honor, and work with them. As you connect, you will expand your self-awareness, intuition, and your creation capacity.

Receive guidance by connecting to the wisdom of Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Spirit any time and any place with this insightful deck.

• Increase your inner knowing.

• Access your elemental allies.

• Activate your potential.

• Gain physical, emotional, mental,
action, and spiritual clarity.

• Deepen your intuition.

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Physical Realm

The element of earth teaches you to honor the physical realm, how to live in a state of gratitude and grace, how to honor cycles and transitions, how to form an internal container of sacredness for your life, how to embody wholeness, and heal any internal separation. You also learn to work with discipline, structure, and form and appreciate the gifts your body and beauty brings to your life.


emotional Realm

Water is the fluid that flows within your life to keep things supple, alive, and growing. Without water and the emotional realm, your nature can become dry, brittle, and hard, like the ground without rain. You need the rich substance of your feelings to keep your life lush and growing. The element of Water brings the soul essence of love. The clearer your emotions become, the more space you create for love to move in your life. In the emotional realm you uncover ways to love yourself fully, nurture your relationships, and create a space for clarity.

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Mental Realm

Air and sound set the vibrational tone of your life. The thoughts you have, how conscious your language is, how integrated you are in using both your right and left brain, and how you work with prayer, intention, and meditation are all part of the training of air. In the air realm, you begin to see your life from a larger perspective and work with your visionary ability. Air is where you learn to soar. You can fly when your thoughts and vibration are in harmony with your life desires.


Action Realm

Fire forms the action realm. Here you learn to be dynamic, claim your personal power, to let your light shine brightly and to feel passionately about life. Fire also teaches you about the mysteries of transformation; literally changing forms, dying to an old part of the self and being born anew. Fire is a volatile realm and often people express their fear of it getting out of control. Learning to work with fire is a skill and one that often requires focused, conscious training. Balance is key in working with fire.

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Spiritual Realm

Spirit connects you to the realm of the Divine. It moves through the spark of spirit that is you. It forms your connection to God/Goddess. The connection to spirit is also where the energy of creation lives. Your inner connection to spirit guides you throughout life to bring your own essence into full expression in the world. It's the rich substance that flows through and connects Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Spirit is the unseen ingredient when the elements work together in any creation.

Archetypal energies

Core forces of creation

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit are the foundation of nature, expressed through archetypal energies. They form the core of Creation and carry their archetypal energies in primary patterns, although their states may vary. For example, the element of Fire brings warmth and heat whether it shows up as the sun, a candle flame, a roaring fire, a chili pepper, or warm food heated on the stove. As archetypal energies, they function in the outer world much in the same way they do in your inner world.

They are active teachers of consciousness. You are engaging these primary forces of nature constantly. Earth brings wisdom of the physical world, Water the emotional realm, Air the mental realm, Fire in the action realm, and Spirit in your connection to your soul essence and the flow of the Divine through creation.

They can show you how to work in harmony with Nature and your inner nature. They can help you to align your unique desires into a unified field of awareness, where each of the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Spirit) line up with one another to bring your desires into being. It is in this alignment that the co-creative energy of Spirit moves through your soul into form: an infusion of Spirit into matter.

Your deepest heartfelt soul desires are the voice of Spirit calling for you to grow. Your visions bring with them your current learning edge from each element. You may need to learn how to more consciously hold an intention (Air), how to learn to take action (Fire), or perhaps clear up old emotional baggage (Water), to fully bring a desire into being (Spirit), going step-by-step (Earth). Each element will be teaching you as you discover how to bring them into alignment within a unified field and fulfill your creation desires and visions.

The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle provides a quick and easy way to powerfully align with the guidance the elements bring. Be sure to honor, respect, and give thanks to these amazing guiding forces as you work with them. Gratitude harmonizes you with Creation.

If you are ready to receive elemental guidance, order your deck today!


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Visual Oracle Design Contributors: Prescott Hill, Lisa Marie Grantham, Katie Kennedy, Lisa Michaels

Deep gratitude to Lisa Marie Grantham, of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, for inspiring and contributing so much to this beautiful edition of the oracle.
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