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Your physical world thrives on your kind thoughts and treatment.

The earthly realm deeply responds to how it is treated. Every interaction you have with the physical world creates a response that tells you something about how you are engaged with it. If you ignore, judge, criticize, or otherwise mistreat the physical world, those types of results appear in your life. A falling down house, an overgrown garden, a body that shows years of abuse and mistreatment, finances that reflect your neglect, or a life that is filled with frustration all correlate to our relationship with Earth energy. By coming to terms with the perfection of the earthly realm’s response to how it is treated, you can make sure to infuse your earthly realm with what it needs to shower you with blessings. You can take care to love and to impart the grace of thankfulness in your life, being grateful for all you are given from the earthly realm. You can learn to release anything in your life with which you are no longer in right relationship, giving things you no longer need or want to someone else who will value and appreciate them.

You can discover that your body truly thrives on your kind thoughts and treatment. You know the ways to treat your body well: clean air, pure water, time in nature, fresh food, and plenty of movement, laughter, gentle touch and words, and loving adornment. The body responds in kind by uplifting you, releasing its stress, and staying healthy and vibrant. As a leader, honor your relationship to your physical world.

Today, tune into your physical world and ask what needs attention. Does anything need to be released or uplifted?

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