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LunaSol: Nature’s Rhythmic Manifestation Guide assists you in intentionally aligning with the forces and rhythms of nature to increase your creation capacity, manifestation ability, inner knowing, sacred timing, and soul wisdom. It delivers a concrete action, step-by-step process, to add energy to your creations using the elemental forces of nature, the new moons, full moons, and the most powerful seasonal points on the Wheel of the Year.

With LunaSol you will…

  • Align with the most dynamic energetic windows to receive potent life and business support and guidance.

  • Connect with the natural world for increased results by tuning into the rhythms of the sun and moons.

  • Add energy to all your creations, knowing when to open to receive support, ideas, and insights and when to release what is no longer needed.

  • Set intentions and utilize conscious creation tools to bring your visions, dreams, and desires into manifest form.

  • Take action according to the rhythmic power points of the new moons, full moons, and Wheel of the Year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Creation models nature’s principles, so the more you understand how the elements function in the natural world, the more you realize how they assist you in creating anything in your own life.

The elemental forces of creation consist of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Earth guides and informs you in the physical realm, Water in the feeling-emotional realm, Air in the mental realm, Fire in the action realm, while Spirit flows through all of them as the glue of creation.

As you tune into each element and dance with its teachings, you’ll discover the unique archetypes (Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) that the sun and moon move through each month and year. The more you understand how these elemental astrological archetypes function, the more you can align your creation focus to produce significantly improved creation success.

The movement of the sun and moon reveals a rhythmic principle that directly applies to the creation of your life. Both the sun and moon grow and expand and then release and decrease in a very balanced rhythm. Aligning with nature’s timings helps you to become more rhythmic, more balanced, and more capable of intentionally bringing your creations into manifest form.

Consciously leading your life and business involves both actively directing the forces of creation and being able to receive external events outside of your control from a space of grace, love, and compassion.

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