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Air in Creation

Air governs your ability to envision your life. Here you activate your visionary ability for yourself, the world, and for the larger community. When you create a vision or work with your visionary abilities, you begin creating from your ideas and pictures of what the world can be like. The pictures you hold start drawing energy to them. If you want to bring your highest good into manifested or created form, it is critical that these pictures be of the highest possible outcome. Looking at the big picture helps you create your best possible inner vision. If you have any of the Air archetypes of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius in your prosperity power creation team you need to be very mindful to consciously use the powers of the mental realm. Without vision, intention, focus and right use of word you'll weaken your ability to be in vibrational alignment with your abundance - so really tune in. What are you saying and thinking about your financial flow? Are you centered in frustration or gratitude? Your frequency impacts what you are aligned with and attracting. Conscious awareness makes a difference to these archetypes. Air Reminders:

  • Air is the mental, or thoughts and ideas, realm.

  • Air teachings move in currents. When you catch a current it can blow you quickly toward your destination. Like an old sea captain, feel into the wind as you tune into your targeted goal, allowing Air to inform you.

  • Air and the mental realm function in the unseen realm of thoughts, words, vibration, and sound. When Air’s power focuses, it can bring dramatic results.

  • Keep your thoughts and words as vibrationally uplifted as possible and open to the expansiveness of Air’s realm of ideas. Allow fresh air energy to infuse your creations.

  • The inner realm allies of “angels, guides, ancestors, archetypes, and teachers” all reside in vibration and must be actively called upon to assist in any situation. Download your complimentary Air Handout Here.

The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle helps you expand into the core principles of each element in insightful ways. I've extended the sale on the oracle because I realized the way I posted the code for the physical deck was a little confusing. Use the code Off5 to save $5 on the physical deck. It makes a great gift for those on your list who love deepening their inner wisdom. Find out more about the oracle HERE. For the physical deck: Enter the coupon code after you put your credit card number in and hit Redeem Code & it will recalculate the total before you finalize your payment. Elemental Blessings, Lisa

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