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Deckible: The Digital Card App Launches

The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle is back, it's fresh, it's ready for you in both a physical and digital format! This is the oracle's third look over the years and it's beautiful thanks to some powerful co-creation with Lisa Marie Grantham. We had a wonderful time choosing each of the images. It's a unique set of 90 cards, which leads you into a deeper living relationship with Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit. Each element becomes a powerful ally as you consciously engage, honor, and work with them. As you connect, you will expand your self-awareness, intuition, and your creation capacity. You can see all 90 of the cards, find out more about this insightful deck, and order it HERE. In addition to being thrilled the deck is in print again, I'm super excited about this new amazing digital card deck tool DECKIBLE! The oracle is now this digital app and it's launching this week!

DECKIBLE It IS "AUDIBLE FOR CARD DECKS" Deckible is a brand new mobile app that allows you to take card decks with you on the move. It's a marketplace for digital card decks. Tarot, coaching cards, games, flashcards and much much more.

Find out more about Deckible on their website:

Deckible gives you all the decks you ever wanted in your pocket. The cards are tactile, you can zoom in and out, move them around. Brilliant for oracle readings. When does Deckible Launch?

The app is launching on the 16th of September 2022 on iOS and Google Play Store.

Deckible is launching with over 500 creators and their decks.

Who is behind Deckible?

Deckible founder Nick Kellet is a serial entrepreneur. He was’s co-founder and helped grow it to a top 5k website (per Alexa rankings). thrived on a strategy of crowdsourcing, community, and digital technology. And here’s his new project.

We’re really excited to see what Nick has in store for Deckible and how to make decks more digital.

The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle is a quick and easy way to receive guidance any time and any place either physically with your own card deck or digitally with Deckible. Receive guidance by connecting to the wisdom of Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Spirit any time and any place with this insightful deck. • Increase your inner knowing. • Access your elemental allies. • Activate your potential. • Gain physical, emotional, mental, action, and spiritual clarity. • Deepen your intuition. Buy a physical set of our Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle. Buy a digital deck of the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle. #deckible

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