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Lunar Rhythm: Aquarius New Moon

This new moon brings you innovative and progressive original ideas to help you gain insight and get a cosmic perspective on your life vision. This is the time to launch new ideas, explore unconventional and unique systems, create your own way of doing things, and take risks. Aquarius’s ability to revolutionize your thinking helps you to take a quantum leap in some area of your life.

In the expanded Air realm of Aquarius, you have the ability like the wild scientist in the laboratory to suddenly receive a brand new radical idea that directly aligns you with what you might have been working for years to create. In this profound alignment of insight and intuition, your dreams can literally vibrate themselves into being, or you might receive tremendous clarity as to how what actions you need to take.

If you need to upgrade your technical skills and capacity, then ask Aquarius to help. This archetype can and will strengthen your ability to learn anything new if you request assistance. You must open for new ideas and discoveries. Allow your learning to be as easy as breathing in and out.

Because the Air archetypes often bring many new ideas when requested, remember that you still need to choose which ones to focus on. Often there will be more ideas than you have time or energy to bring into form. Sort through the ideas you receive through the filter of which one/s will help you move the furthest faster. Pay attention to the one/s that are the most strategic. The most powerful action you can take during this time is to open to allow new ideas to flow in and then choose one to focus on. Take a few minutes during this window and feel into what you'd like to bring into form or complete during this lunar cycle and write it down. I love having a creation journal where I only put notes my manifestation notes. That way it's easy to look back and see what has been accomplished and it doesn't get lost in my regular journal. Air Reminders:

  • Air is the mental, or thoughts and ideas, realm.

  • Air teachings move in currents. When you catch a current it can blow you quickly toward your destination. Like an old sea captain, feel into the wind as you tune into your targeted goal, allowing Air to inform you.

  • Air and the mental realm function in the unseen realm of thoughts, words, vibration, and sound. When Air’s power focuses, it can bring dramatic results.

  • Keep your thoughts and words as vibrationally uplifted as possible and open to the expansiveness of Air’s realm of ideas. Allow fresh air energy to infuse your creations.

  • The inner realm allies of “angels, guides, ancestors, archetypes, and teachers” all reside in vibration and must be actively called upon to assist in any situation.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Aquarius New Moon:

  • Brainstorm on any creation goal where you feel you need fresh ideas.

  • FOCUS your thinking on your highest priority intentions.

  • Fine-tune your inner listening skills by really tuning in to all the ideas coming through internally.

  • Expand your possibilities in all areas of your life, and open to quantum leaps.

  • Find an effective modality to uplift your vibration when you need it. Try color, crystals, flower essences, homeopathies, singing, toning or chanting, prayer and meditation.

  • Allow some time for Air to bring a renewed vision for your life during this three-day window. Simply sit in the quiet or enter into meditation and ask to see an expanded vision for your life. Write down any images or impressions you receive.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions or Aquarius New Moon:

  • Learn new technologies and upgrade your skills.

  • Enlarge your perspective on your business and expand your thinking.

  • Tune into your business financial goals and open to the innovative ideas that will help them happen. Allow for quantum business leaps.

  • Work on expanding your ability to communicate, write, and work with Air modalities.

  • Listen to your thoughts and adjust your thinking if they are not supporting your vision.

  • Align vibrationally with those already successful in the area you are learning.

  • Open to new ways to market your business online and strengthen your ability to work with social networking, blogging, search engines and other air-based modalities.

The New Moon: Excerpt from LunaSol

Approximately thirteen times a year the sun and moon line up at the new moon in the same astrological sign. For example, a New Moon in Aquarius appears only when the sun is in Aquarius. Since this timing involves both of the major forces that affect Earth, each new moon gives you special, potent archetypal energy for your co-creations because you have both the moon and the sun in alignment to enhance your creation energy.

Because the new moon is the starting point of the growing phase of the moon each month, this creates a powerful opportunity to use the combined energy of the sun and the moon toward your creation goals. Like an arrow pointed toward its target, the sun and moon create a favorable energetic window that helps you aim your energy effectively toward your objectives.

The sun resides in each astrological gate for approximately thirty days, although the exact date of this occurrence changes slightly from year to year due to leap year. The moon changes signs approximately every two and a half days. In relation to the sacred timings of your creations, you want to pay attention to the archetype where the new moon resides because that particular energy can be used with your co-creations each month.

For example, a New Moon in Virgo is a good time to organize the details of your life, get things in order, and develop a plan for your work. A New Moon in Pisces allows you to develop a deeper level of compassion for yourself and others, and be of service to the collective.

The dark of the moon right before the new moon provides the best time for deep inner work to uncover what is ready to come forth. The birth of the next (or new) lunar cycle (rebirth) occurs at the new moon. So when the next cycle begins - the rebirth – you’re ready to consciously energize those seeds.

This potent new moon timing only works if you use it consciously. You can use the energy of the new moon to help your creations in many ways. You might do something as simple as keeping a journal of your new moon intentions, and then take a few minutes on each new moon to update and connect with the intention. You can add an elemental card reading from the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle to your divination work each month to receive a direct message from each element about how it can guide you in the month ahead. Or you might work with any of your other favorite oracle decks for divination.

You can dance to anchor your intentions. This will energize them in the physical body. You can add pictures and art to your journal to connect to the messages visually as well as verbally. To add even more energy to your new moon seeding times, you can create a simple ceremony around your intentions.

The three-day window for each new moon extends from the day before the new moon through the day after the exact point. Your conscious focused awareness during this time directs the energy of creation to assist you in unseen and previously unknown ways. The aligned sun and moon can add strong valuable energy to your creations with as little as 15 minutes of time during each window of opportunity. New moon windows provide a fresh rhythmic opportunity to address activities and actions in both your Personal and Business/Professional realms. Intentions are most effective when there is only one or two to concentrate on in any moon cycle. Blessings on your new moon manifestations, Lisa

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