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Lunar Rhythm: Sagittarius New Moon & Fire in Creation

This new moon is all about expansion, and it expands whatever you focus on. So be clear about what you are choosing to grow. Consciously create the expanded vision for where you want to be a year, 5 years, and/or 10 years from now. This moon also helps you shine the light of truth within and evolve your consciousness. Study philosophy. Freely search for the meaning of life. Apply energy to what is ready to grow and develop. Learn and teach.

Let this dynamic, outgoing, truth-seeking explorer sign help you make travel plans to explore new territory. Take a trip or a class. Sagittarius loves learning or discovering new things and places.

Study philosophy. Freely search for the meaning of life. Apply your energy to what is ready to grow and develop. Learn and teach. Bring your expanded awareness and discoveries back to share with others as a teacher of philosophy and of evolving states of consciousness.

Look at your life and business for areas where you’ve had a challenge expanding. Connect to Sagittarius and ask what you need to do to move past this stagnant place or what you need to let go of to move the energy. Often, if something won’t move, it’s because you’re holding onto “how” you think it needs to happen. Let Sagittarius illuminate the area that needs to shift for growth to occur.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Sagittarius New Moon:

  • Spend time shining the light of awareness in your inner realm to determine the areas and direction in which you are ready to grow and expand.

  • Plan to learn something new or travel to a new area; expand your horizons.

  • Find a deeper connection to your spirituality.

  • Concentrate on expanding gratitude for all your blessings.

  • Ask Sagittarius what actions will move your life forward to the next level.

  • Reflect on the deeper meaning of your life. Take notes on your insights.

  • Take action to propel your creations forward.

Business Action Suggestions for Sagittarius New Moon:

  • Focus on ways to expand your business.

  • Find ways to increase business visibility.

  • Listen internally to discover the truth of what needs transformation in your business.

  • Learn a new way to market and promote your business.

  • Concentrate on expanding gratitude for all the business you do have.

  • Take dynamic action to energize your business.

  • Ask yourself how you can powerfully grow your business in the year ahead.

Fire in Creation: Download Your Fire Handout

Juiced by your inner firepower, you become vibrantly alive and an abundance of life force energy runs through your body. When you follow your passion and find ways to enliven yourself, you energetically engage life and become energized. You express life in a dynamic and inspired manner. You may naturally possess a dynamic nature that gets the energy in and around you in motion by having the Fire archetypes of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius on your inner creation team. Or if you don't have much fire, you may have to be more conscious about raising your heat and getting your energy moving. Rhythm, dance, sexuality—anything that builds the feeling of ecstatic union between body, soul, and Spirit—works as an energizer. You need to be energized to fuel your creations. Fire requires movement, action, and energy to burn brightly. If used appropriately the Fire archetypes can help you turn up your inner light to become more visible in business and leadership. However, they can also easily burn through your resources if you don't balance them well with the other elemental archetypes on your prosperity power creation team. Learn to apply them effectively and you'll show up with certainty and confidence.

Fire Reminders:

  • Fire is the action and energy realm.

  • Fire brings the need for responsible care and strong containment. Appropriately contain any out of control spending of time, money, energy, or consumption of any kind.

  • Fire energy sparks and starts things for new growth.

  • Fire transforms and adds the energy to fuel our creations.

  • Fire is the element of illumination and radiance.

  • Direct your fire appropriately and responsibly. Notice if your Fire needs balance.

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Elemental Blessings, Lisa

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