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Lunar Rhythm: Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon: Element: Earth

This earthy grounded Taurus new moon provides you with a potent window for planting your desires in rich fertile soil. This is a powerful manifestation new moon, so be sure to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to put your plans in writing, review your finances, and enjoy your physical world.

Use this new moon to focus on beautifying your home, garden, body, and wardrobe. Indulge in sensuous pursuits such as receiving a massage, or facial, and getting your hair and nails done. Be sure to relax and enjoy life. Sit in your garden, go for a picnic, enjoy a gourmet meal. Treat yourself to the pleasures of life, filling yourself up with earthly delights.

Because this archetype loves intimacy and pleasure, create a romantic experience where you can express love. Open yourself to receive fully. The richer you feel by appreciating the bounty, beauty, pleasure, and love in your life, the more you will magnetize your desires from that vibration.

Taurus likes to move slowly in order to enjoy life. Take your time; be patient with your growth and the development of your creations. Reflect on how far you’ve progressed and make solid plans for your steps.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Taurus New Moon:

❖ Appreciate your body and give it what it needs to thrive—good food, exercise, touch, and some fresh air.

❖ Make a date to spend time in nature by gardening, going for a walk, or taking a nap outside. Give thanks to the element of Earth as you walk. Appreciate her gifts.

❖ Freshen your home with some spring-cleaning and include appreciation, prayers, gratitude, and intention, then put flowers everywhere you can.

❖ Freshen your wardrobe by ceremonially cleaning out your closet and releasing what you no longer need.

❖ Create more beauty in your home, office, garden, and personal care.

❖ Ceremonially make a romantic, lovely, and delicious meal. As you eat, appreciate every morsel and give gratitude for all the abundance you have in your life. ❖ Connect to organic timing and reflect on how you can be more patient with the growth of your creations. Write down any insights you receive.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Taurus New Moon:

❖ Open to receive greater abundance in your business, and be grateful for your current blessings.

❖ Create a list of anything else you need to come into place for a strong business foundation, and take solid steps toward building that foundation.

❖ Evaluate your business management systems. Are there areas to strengthen?

❖ Either review or create your business financial goals and/or expenses, income, and investments.

❖ Develop new strategies for step-by-step business and financial growth.

❖ Appreciate each of the pieces you have already implemented during the last few months and the last year in your business or career. ❖ Add beauty to any area of your business that needs uplifting. I drew Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle cards for you for this new moon and these cards came up. One possible interpretation is "In order to manifest more abundance and fertility in your life and business spend time in Nature. Ask yourself what you need to let go of, what you need to focus on, and what communication is vital for you now in order to experience more abundance. I'd love for you to share your insights in the comments below. Blessings, Lisa

Abundance and Fertility

Mother Earth provides you with a wonderful example of the capacity to produce an abundant supply. She constantly teaches you with her rich harvests and lush landscapes that abundance is available, and fertility abounds in every realm. Fertility can come in ideas and awarenesses for you to grow from, and in abundant gifts for you to appreciate. Abundance is often a state of heart/mind, in which you see the fullness available in each moment of life. Mother Earth teaches you to create sustainable systems in all areas of life. You learn to replenish what was consumed so there will be abundance available for other times and people. What does the Earth Mother want to share with you today about abundance and fertility? Nature

Spending time in nature uplifts you and brings you back into soul alignment. Being in nature brings you into your own nature. You re-connect with what is meaningful to you. The life-force that flows in nature restores your energy and personal life-force. Is it time for you to spend a day soaking up the beauty of nature? In what ways do you need to get back to your own nature?

Letting Go

Like the snake shedding its skin, you need to release and let go of what is, in order to move forward or to the next level of being. Letting go is often scary. You may want to know for certain what is next and how it is going to fully play out before you let go of what is known. The transformational process of change rarely works that way. Often after letting go, there is a period of not knowing before the new is born from the ash of the old. Learning to trust the transformational phases is part of the process. Letting go is the first stage. What do you need to let go of or shed right now to move to your next level of being?

Focus You are gifted with the ability to think and be discriminating in the focus of your thoughts. Focusing your attention on anything amplifies its energy, so be sure to keep your focus on what you do desire in life and not on what you don’t want. It is extremely important to keep your mental realm focused on what you choose to bring into being and simultaneously release any attachment to the outcome. In what ways do you need to refine your focus in life? Are you focused on what you desire? What do you need to focus on right now? Communication

Different people have different ways of thinking and communicating depending on the element that their thinking function is in. Some people are earth communicators, some water, some air, and some fire. Each person perceives, thinks, and communicates through the lens of their particular elemental style. Understanding the differences in styles, and being able to connect with elements different from your own, can dramatically increase your ability to work, live, and communicate well with others. What does air want to share with you about your communication? Can you communicate clearly with elemental styles other than your own?

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May 19, 2023

Wonderful time of year to nurture myself in nature. Thanks for the message, Lisa!

Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels
May 22, 2023
Replying to

Beautiful. Enjoy.

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