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Receive Powerful, Quick, & Easy Manifestation Guidance

Honestly, this type of reading from the oracle can really boost your ability to manifest because it engages all 5 realms of creation.

Earth: Physical/Embodiment Realm Water: Emotional/Feeling Realm Air: Mental/Vibrational Realm Fire: Action/Energy Realm Spirit: Spirit/Soul Realm In this 5-minute video, you'll learn why utilizing all the realms of creation is important to your results. You'll find out how to do a unified field spread for manifestation guidance. Use this spread anytime you need effective elemental insights to move your creations forward or hear your soul wisdom at a deeper level. Here's a handout of other card spreads you can utilize with the oracle. Download Here

Here's what Lisa Marie Grantham of Goddess Lifestyle Plan says about the oracle,"These cards have helped me tap into the powerful energies of the elements and unlock deeper insights, guidance, and inspiration. From connecting with Earth's grounding energy to embracing the transformative power of Fire, these cards have been an incredible tool on my spiritual and personal growth journey." Download this Unified Field illustration to use with your spread.

If you work with clients in any capacity, consider adding the oracle as a tool for receiving insights and guidance in your sessions by becoming a certified Oracle Reader. Find out more now registration doors close August 14th.

Find out more about the oracle and the realms of creation HERE.

Here's what Nyaima Smith of Influence Alchemy says about the oracle, "Lisa's insightful guidance and the profound wisdom of the Elemental Forces, Unified field, and application of the Oracle deck has opened doors of understanding I never knew existed. This journey has not only deepened my intuitive abilities but has also brought clarity and purpose to my practice." DECKIBLE THE CARD DECK APP Find out more about downloading the Elemental Forces of Creation App on Deckible. It's currently 50% off the regular price of $9.99 or consider becoming a certified Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Reader and receive the digital deck as part of your training. Here's a quick screenshot video on how to create a Unified Field in the app Deckible. Deckible Oracle Review by Angela!

Do you also want to hold the cards in your hands? If so, you can SAVE $5 on a Physical Deck Now through August 14 Order Your Physical Deck on Vervante Note: On the last page of the checkout process, after you have entered your credit card and before you click place order, there is a field for you to enter the coupon code to save $5. Use the code: OFF5

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