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Solar Rhythm: May Day Beltane & Lunar Rhythm: Scorpio Full Moon

Happy May Day! The cross-quarter day of Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere is Traditionally Celebrated on May 1 however this year it falls astrologically on May 5th along with a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. This makes for a very potent window for ceremony May 4-6. I'm including both of these energies in this post to help you prepare.

Beltane is the cross-quarter Wheel of the Year point following Spring Equinox. Also known as May Day, it marks the starting point of the turn toward summer. The flowers are in full bloom, and the days are definitely longer. Beltane, halfway around the Wheel from Samhain, celebrates the light life-giving portion of the cycle, while Samhain represents the dark time of year, and the dying away portion of the cycle. At both of these windows, the veil between the worlds is thin, so stay open for magical messages from the spirit realm.

Beltane is the starting point for the growing summer season. The young “sun” or “son” who was born at Winter Solstice has grown into a God and now becomes the partner of the Goddess in order to fertilize the fields for the abundant harvest. The Solar Fire God and the Earth Goddess unite now and bring forth life to feed the multitudes. This union of Earth and Fire is essential for the growth of crops, so it is honored with feasting and ceremony to ensure the fertility of the land. Here, we celebrate the union of the Goddess and God, the great sacred marriage. Symbols and dances of sacred union and fertility abound. The dance of the May Pole, for instance, represents and celebrates the powerful union of the masculine and feminine principles.

Each of us carries internally the two basic principles of masculine and feminine within our consciousness, and at this time of year you can find value in noticing how they are working together. Those two principles must join within you for any creation to come to fruition. Honor how they both work, and notice what they want to fertilize with their combined energy.

In terms of your creations manifesting, Beltane marks the time when the energy swells to ripeness. Check on your intentions from the Winter Solstice. How is their growth progressing? Is there anything they need in order to be more fertile? Infuse your creations with the necessary energy, using ceremony, if possible.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Beltane:

  • Honor the Goddess Flora and the flower realm. Create a May Basket of flowers to give to someone in need of care. Wear flowers in your hair or decorate your home with them. Plant flowers in your garden.

  • Ceremonially honor the union of the God and Goddess within the masculine and feminine principles. Take time to internally connect with each of them through journaling, then ask what they want you to know. Is there something they are choosing to bring forth?

  • Honor the fairy folk. Leave a gift for them of honey and milk or little sweet treats. Thank them for all they do to create a beautiful world. Even the invisible world loves appreciation.

  • Honor and celebrate your sexuality in a special ceremony. Decorate with candles and flowers and create a magic-filled time to enjoy a sensuous experience.

  • Ceremonially dress in bright colors and patterns and honor the abundant beauty of the season.

  • Follow an ancient tradition and wash your face in the dew on May Day morning to increase your beauty and good fortune.

  • Elemental Journaling: Take the time to listen to each element and their message to you to heighten fertility for the active growing season.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Beltane:

  • Tune into the topic of fertility and ask yourself what would make your business more fertile right now. Write down any messages you receive and implement.

  • Connect to your financial flow and sacred union. Ask internally if there are any places where you need to more effectively unite your feelings and actions for your finances to flow.

  • Spend some time outside sitting on the ground connecting to the Earth Mother. Ask her what your business or professional life needs now in order to flourish.

  • Create a simple ceremony to infuse fertile energy into your business desires and goals.

  • Brighten your office with flowers.

  • Spend time reflecting on your inner feminine; ask her what she needs to flourish in your business/profession. Then tune into your inner masculine; ask him what he needs to flourish in your business/profession. Now ask them both how they can better create together.

  • Take a few extra hours off to enjoy this potent creation window. Relax. Elemental Guidance:

If you have an Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, you may want to draw cards for additional guidance from each element and/or add insight from other decks.

Give thanks to Earth and ask “What do my creations need at this time from you to flourish?”

Give thanks to Water and ask “What do my creations need at this time from you to flourish?”

Give thanks to Air and ask “What do my creations need at this time from you to flourish?”

Give thanks to Fire and ask “What do my creations need at this time from you to flourish?”

Give thanks to Spirit and ask “What do my creations need at this time from you to flourish?”

Now ask the unified field of all of the elements and Spirit for a unified message for what your creations need to flourish.

To help you prepare to work with this window ceremonially I'm sharing the full moon information now... SCORPIO FULL MOON

Elements: Full Moon in Scorpio, Water • Sun in Taurus, Earth Window May 4-6 Exact May 5, 2023

Energetically, Scorpio can bring intensity to any situation, so when coupled with a full moon and a lunar eclipse, it will supercharge any area you focus on. Scorpio contains the deepest connection to Source found within the archetypes, so use this power-filled full moon to add potency to any of your creations.

This moon can bring profound intuition insights, so pay close attention to the messages and clues coming from both your inner realm and your outer world reflections. Since Scorpio has a tendency to bring anything hidden to the surface, your truth radar may be sending you additional communications.

Listening to your gut instinct is important now, and especially due to the volatility of this energy. Be very mindful to exercise emotional maturity if something needs to be addressed. It could be easy, during this window, to end up in an emotional drama, so stay conscious of your emotional awareness and use this powerhouse energy to fuel your desires instead of getting steeped in drama.

Scorpio and Taurus both enjoy intimacy and pleasure. This moon/sun connection creates a wonderful time to energize love relationships with yourself and/or with others, both physically and emotionally. Or apply this lusty Scorpio/Taurus duo to transform any area of your life, sourcing life force energy to boost your desires.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Before meditation or sleep, ask to deepen your psychic power, intuition, and sixth sense.

  • Connect to your emotional maturity and notice if there is any place you are creating drama instead of using your life force to invigorate your desires.

  • Energize your love relationship/s and your sexuality.

  • Apply Scorpio’s life force to strengthen your economic world.

  • Notice if there are areas of your life that need transformation and regeneration.

  • Ramp up your sex appeal in ways that align with who you are.

  • Pay attention to what feelings surface during this window. Allow yourself time to clear any old emotions that need to go in order for you to align with your creations.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Use the light of this full moon to release anything in your business or career that no longer generates energy.

  • Apply your intuition to your business growth by feeling deeply into what is needed next.

  • Notice where your business/career needs more life force and fill it up.

  • Pay attention to how you manage intensity and refine your response.

  • Create a ceremony in the light of this full moon to energize the next level of your business/career growth. Tap into the power of Scorpio/Taurus and nourish your earthly realm from the deep well of Source. If you can create your ceremony on the ground near water, so much the better.

  • Tap into your emotional realm and notice how your inner water (your feelings) is flowing in relation to your business/profession. Are there emotions that need movement in order for you to magnetize your desires?

  • Write down any messages or insights you receive about your business in this powerful moonlight. Determine which ones you need to take action on and plan when you will follow up. Beltane Full Moon Card Draw from the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle : Here's one possible interpretation: "Allow the priestess within to hold space and the intention for your passion and radiant self to expand and illuminate your leadership." What do they say to you and for you?

Holding Space Holding space for someone means that you listen and receive him or her by deeply listening without judgment. You leave space for what is moving in them and you help it to move freely by not adding your opinion and only receiving what they are saying. You can reflect back to them what you heard them say without adding your spin to it. This allows someone to release what needs to be released without engagement by the listener. It is a very powerful relationship tool to use with others as well as yourself. How well do you hold space? Radiant Self Your radiant self is the shining, bright, full, whole, knowing, expanded essence self that is at your core and at the core of each individual. It is the energy that an illumined or Christed being has fully activated in themselves. When you express your expanded, fully radiant self, you are enlivening and inspiring to be around. You radiate a deep sense of personal power and authority. This reflects your inner development and ability to work with your inner fire. Are you ready to connect with your radiant self and ask for ways to express your radiance more fully?

Priestess/Priest Within The Priestess and Priest within hold the container for the expression of the sacred on Earth. The archetypes of Priest and Priestess perform a vital function in your consciousness. This aspect of self holds that all life is sacred–everything from worship, to preparing a meal, to bill-paying. Simply being in physical form is sacred. Forming and working with earth with a sacred attitude brings spirit into your everyday life. It brings the divine into matter and form. How can you more fully honor all life as sacred? Power of Intention Intention is the powerful tool of air. A strong, clear intention creates an effective mental container in which a desire can come to life. Actively setting an intention before starting something new helps you fully define your desires. Notice where in life you are not getting your desired result and look at what your intention really is. Do you need to be clearer? Do you have an unconscious intent for something else? How can you more effectively use the air power of intention?

Passion Passion is the fuel to take action in life. To live in connection with your passions gives you energy for life and makes the quality of your life richer. Tune into your inner realm to discover what you are passionate about. Journal, ask questions of fire, connect to a time in your life when you felt very energetic and alive. From the vantage point of that time in your life, can you see your passions? Are you living fully from your passion? Ask fire to show you more ways to connect to your passion. From the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle

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