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Dear one,

Are you ready to strengthen your clear abundance pathway forward?

Do you feel that if you just had someone who could hold space for you to sort out all your ideas, and help you put them in order, clarity would emerge for you?

Are you longing for someone with the soul level space holding skills of a priestess, and a clear strategic entrepreneur mind, to help you formulate your next soul level of life and business strategy?


If so, then you’ve come to the right place and I’m here to help. I have 25 years of priestess leadership skills, 35 years experience as an entrepreneur, and over 20 years helping others grow their businesses as a mentor/coach. After all these years of experience, I know how to hold space for the chaos that comes with the process of transformation, and allow the clarity that comes from the heart and soul (not just the mind) to reveal itself.

This isn’t an easy combination to find and I can support your journey. But in order to do so, we need time, space, and safety for your soul to speak its truth and your clarity to fully emerge. That’s why I’ve designed a five session 1-2-1 mentoring package with you in mind because sometimes a group program is just not what you need to uncover your clarity. These mentoring sessions were created for you to deeply ACCESS your abundance path now.

Each session has a clear purpose, but don’t worry if that’s not where your soul leads us, we'll adjust and move to where it needs to take us. These sessions will be our starting point…

Five Sessions…


  1. Align your creation team genius to manifest more powerfully.

  2. Clarify your next soul level life and business vision.

  3. Clear any karmic or soul level blocks to claiming your vision.

  4. Engage your profitable client pathway.

  5. Specify Simple strategic steps forward to develop your abundance path.


Does this feel like what you need now?

With this program it’s easy for you to say yes to the support your soul needs.

We’ll meet in five 60 minute sessions, and yes, there may be some things you’ll need to work with in between so we can easily move to the next level each time. These 5 sessions right now are only $997. This will save you countless hours of trying to figure it all on your own without support.

Are you ready to save time and money getting the soul support you need to shape your abundance path?

Is it time for you to get the directional clarity you need to start seeing more results?

If you know this is what you need next then sign up today. 

You will come away with...
• Your clear personal brand identity so you can easily magnetize the right clients for your business.
• Clarity on your vision which will call your future forth. 

• Soul level clearing for your next level of abundance to manifest.
• A simple strategic client pathway that will help you to guide your clients to their next best step with you.
• Clear next steps for you to take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to get started? 

I’m holding space for you to honor your soul, make a decision, and step into what you need to
ACCESS your abundance path now.

Abundant Blessings, Lisa

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