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Are you frustrated by the “one size fits all” models of abundance creation?

Do you experience an inner tug-of-war around spending and saving which keeps you locked in financial and business indecision, feeling stuck, and steeped in lack and limitation? 

Do you have an inner sense there is more financial flow and prosperity power you could be accessing and utilizing, if you only understood how?

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If any of these resonate with you, consider this…

You were born with an innate ability to access abundance and prosperity but if you are not in alignment with all the energies influencing your power, you will struggle - sometimes for YEARS. 

Not knowing these energies can keep you locked in inner conflict. Perhaps one part of you wants to create financial flow by owning your own business. Yet, another part wants to focus on playing it safe, staying at your job and saving every penny. While another aspect may burn through money, choosing to buy everything you desire immediately, with no thought of the future. 

All these different unaligned parts of you going in different directions keeps you going around in circles, chasing your tail. 



So, what are all these parts of you and their energies influencing your prosperity power? And how do you get them aligned and moving in the same direction so your prosperity power is fully activated?

When you were born the planets were in a particular archetypal configuration in the sky. Their archetypal influence forms your innate energetic signature which influences how you activate abundance and prosperity. 

The planets themselves represent a certain aspect of you. For example, Venus is the type of feminine essence you carry. If you are a woman, the archetype your Venus is in matters tremendously to your ability to be in alignment with your prosperity power. There are 12 different expressions of the Venus feminine essence - 

       3 Earth: Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn - They are grounded and like to take solid financial steps. 

       3 Water: Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces - They must have clear, clean, emotional flow around their prosperity. 

       3 Air: Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius - Each of these need a vision and focused thoughts to attract abundance. 

       3 Fire: Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius - Fiery energies require right-aligned, visible actions to make a financial impact. 

The four elemental energies have distinctive characteristics and yet each of their expressions uniquely magnetizes abundance.

And, Venus is only one of the archetypal players that make up your innate prosperity power. There are 7 more key players on your inner abundance creation team that need to all be heading in the same direction for your prosperity power to be fully activated.



I'm Lisa Michaels, and I've been helping people align the various aspects of their inner creation team for twenty plus years. The more I've worked with entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders the
more I've recognized how
not understanding your inner prosperity power creation team can keep you stuck and frustrated with a lack of financial results

Certainly, as with everything I share, I've had to understand this in myself first. A few years ago I realized one part of my creation team was trying to take over and run the show and it was causing some big financial problems. When I put the "right" team leader in charge, EVERYTHING began to shift. And WOW it made a big, big, big difference in my results. 
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So, are you ready to find out all the players on your prosperity power creation team, and align them for more abundance?

In your 50 minute personal prosperity power session with me you will...
• Discover the key players on your creation team and why they are important to you
​• Uncover the player which needs the key prosperity leadership position 

• Get your creation team players all working in alignment with your financial flow
• Activate your prosperity power
• Be able to ask any questions you have 

You'll come away with...your unique, innate, prosperity power activated, bringing
you a deep inner knowi
ng of how to guide your inner creation team toward greater results!

So are you ready for your personal session to
Activate Your Unique Innate Prosperity Power?

What you'll need to do for your prosperity power session:

  • Your birthdate
  • ​Your birth time (if you do not know your birth time email me for instructions)
  • ​Your birthplace
  • I'll need this information emailed at least 2 working days before our session. 

Kati Tuulipuro

“Lisa is wonderful in tuning into the individual needs of you as an entrepreneur and in providing assistance for you to take your business forward in new and exciting ways. In her mentoring sessions, you find ways to bring forth your own individual talents to help and lead others in your own community and beyond.”


Sandy Combs

“Meeting Lisa Michaels a few years ago was like putting turbo boosters on both my personal and professional growth. Lisa is an eclectic blend of grace, strength, sharp intellect and vision with a powerful ability to catalyze change in others. If you are ready to say YES to the highest vision of yourself and take planned, sustainable action Lisa Michaels knows how to bring that vision into reality!” 

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Angela Roberts

"Lisa's guidance has been an incredible blessing in my life. Her leadership, business, and personal development trainings have supported me to discover my fulfilling purpose; answer the call to make a difference in the world through my unique genius; refine my facilitation skills and gifts that I use to be of service; become a heart-centered consciously empowered leader; clarify my entrepreneurial path, business model, and service offerings."

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