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I tell the story of my diet and intuition story below, and I'm sharing some of my favorite blogs and recipes here, in case you are just getting started or just want some fresh inspiration. What I began cooking when we started has evolved over the years and these are some of my favorite things now. Also, a disclaimer we love spicy food and you'll often find that reflected in our choices. 

Breakfast: I love savory and my husband loves sweet. So most days I have a crunchy quinoa buckwheat bread I have baked, sliced and frozen so it's quick and easy. Each morning I toast 2-3 small pieces and have some with jam and one with vegan lentil breakfast sausage with salsa. I make the sausage in a big batch and freeze too so it's easy to pull out a piece out and heat up. My husband makes his version of loaded oatmeal with raisins, apples, pecans, and warming spices such as cinnamon, ginger.  

On the weekends we'll frequently make a little more I recently found these chickpea bagels and we loved them. The first time we had them I served them with tofu cream cheese and they were delicious. Our all time favorite brunch is blackened tofu and cheesy grits. I now make the entire dish with no oil and it turns out great and to keep it a pantry meal most of them time I sauté some organic canned green beans with a little lemon and salt as a side dish. 


My Brief Story of Our Journey

Over the past year or so, I've noticed a major increase in my intuition which has been really noticeable to me as I mentor my clients. I first experienced a major increase in intuition when I started working with the elemental forces consciously and began becoming a priestess in 1997. Over the years it’s certainly grown, as I continued to step into more and more leadership, but I haven’t witnessed such a significant level of increase until this juncture.

This increase has benefited every client I’ve worked with because of the way it flows through me now. But I wasn’t sure how it happened until when I was visiting a dear friend a while back. I was talking about noticing it in multiple ways and she suggested it came from a seemingly unrelated change my husband and I have just naturally made over the years since Covid began. As I’ve been considering what she said I believe she may have pinpointed how it’s evolving.

When Covid began my husband and I were concerned about food supply chains so we began vegetable gardening. We’d been gardening with herbs, ferns, and flowers for years but never grown many vegetables. I’m not sure why but somehow we thought it was harder than it is, but it turns out it is AMAZING. We had almost always purchased starter plants from local nurseries but for some reason we began experimenting with growing from seed.


I was shocked at how easy it was and how a tiny seed grew into food we could eat to fuel our bodies. I know it sounds silly, we all know that’s how it works, but somehow it felt out of reach to us before then. But the little miracle of the seed growing into something we could eat feels like magic. How had we been so separated from our food source?

We decided we needed to take growing food more seriously and began learning more through books and youtube. But what happened simultaneously was pretty remarkable as well, slowly, our diet began to change and two die hard omnivores began to transition to an almost all plant-based diet.

I’d been gluten free since my mom died in 2015 because of some issues I’d been having and what I’d seen as family health patterns, so I knew how difficult it was for the people around me when I made dietary changes. Even still, I was unprepared for the backlash from this deep change, they took our dietary changes personally. 

As we dug deeper into the food systems we’ve been participating in for our entire lives, we started realizing how much of what we consumed was because of how we were programmed to purchase and ingest certain foods. We noticed how family and community food cultures are centered around this programming and how deeply entrenched old habits and beliefs are around it, myself included, before this deep change.

My friend suggested my increase in intuition was due to my dietary changes. She said she felt eating mostly plant based has changed my consciousness. I say mostly plant based because even though I only cook plant based myself now, if my dad catches fish, cleans them, and cooks them, then we honor that process and enjoy them with him. He’s been a major trophy winning fisherman all his life and loves sharing, so we deeply appreciate him and them.

While we didn’t start out to make this huge change, it naturally evolved and has had some outstanding benefits in terms of weight loss, overall health increase, a decrease in strain on planetary resources, and an increase in intuition. I’ve not only learned more about gardening and our food system structures, I’ve also discovered a whole new way of food. 

Sending blessings your way, Lisa

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