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3 Soul Issues Impacting Manifestation

In this video, I'm sharing 3 Spirit/Soul issues that might be preventing your clients from manifesting the results you are working to help them create.

Download the Ego States handout for quick reference when working with your clients.

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Every realm of creation impacts manifestation success: physical/embodiment, emotional/feeling, mental/vibration, action/energy, and spirit/soul. When you are working with clients you must know how to navigate in each of the realms to help your clients generate results.

As an example, if you are primarily comfortable with working with mindset, you might be missing an emotional, embodiment, energetic, or soul related issue that if shifted would activate a powerful outcome for your client. Additionally, each of the realms moves in two different ways, and you need to understand them and be able to spot the clues for which one is needed to be able to guide them effectively. So in today's video, I'm sharing with you a bit more about each of the five realms of creation and the two vital movements you need to know how to navigate for successful manifestation. Sending manifestation blessings your way, Lisa

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Help your clients expand their manifestation capacity with the three keys + a bonus in this video (and they help you too).

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