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Are you being called to a greater version of yourself?

Your soul uses true desires to urge you to bloom, to grow, to develop, and to reach beyond your current edges of development.

Any true desire you possess which has bubbled up within your soul comes directly from Spirit. It is your unique desire, and you have the capacity to bring it into being. To know if your desire is true for you and has come from your soul and Spirit, you can check a couple of things.

First, you can answer the following questions: Does this desire come from inside me, or is it externally motivated? Do I feel like I need to do something or have something because others do or because I sincerely feel the internal desire?

Second, you can discern if your desire contributes to the greater good of the whole. If you feel the desire is internally motivated from your inner knowing and contributes to the greater good of the whole, you can trust that it comes from Spirit and will lead you toward growth.

This process requires you to understand a few additional issues that might arise as you work with it. For instance, sometimes you find that you don’t trust your desire. You may sometimes find yourself amazed that your essence desires are often large. Spirit moving through your soul may send you big desires and big ideas.

Frequently, you receive those desires and ideas in a state of development where you see yourself as much smaller than the desire. You may think, “No not me! I can’t do anything like that. Who am I to bring that in or do that?” You can follow the internal or external voices that advise you to keep our talents hidden, or you can choose to follow your guidance and to bring forth your unique gifts.

Today, connect to your inner wisdom and the desires you have now, ask if they are true for you or externally motivated. #naturenourishedleader

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