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Lunar Rhythm: Scorpio Full Moon 2024

Energetically, Scorpio can bring intensity to any situation, so when coupled with a full moon, Scorpio supercharges any area you focus on. Scorpio contains the deepest connection to Source found within the twelve gates of awareness, so use this power-filled full moon to add potency to any of your creations. 

This full moon can bring profound intuition insights, so pay close attention to the messages and clues coming from both your inner realm and your outer world reflections. Since Scorpio has a tendency to bring anything hidden to the surface, your truth radar may be sending you additional communications. 

Listening to your gut instinct is important now. Be very mindful to exercise emotional maturity if something needs to be addressed. It could be easy, during this window, to end up in an emotional drama, so stay conscious of your emotional awareness and use this powerhouse energy to fuel your desires instead of getting steeped in drama.

Scorpio and Taurus both enjoy intimacy and pleasure. This moon/sun connection creates a wonderful time to energize love relationships with yourself and/or with others, both physically and emotionally. Or apply this lusty Scorpio/Taurus duo to transform any area of your life, sourcing life force energy to boost your desires. 

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle. 

Personal Action Suggestions for Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Before meditation or sleep, ask to deepen your psychic power, intuition, and sixth sense. 

  • Connect to your emotional maturity and notice if there is any place you are creating drama instead of using your life force to invigorate your desires. 

  • Energize your love relationship/s and your sexuality. 

  • Apply Scorpio’s life force to strengthen your economic world. 

  • Notice if there are areas of your life that need transformation and regeneration.

  • Ramp up your sex appeal in ways that align with who you are.

  • Pay attention to what feelings surface during this window. Allow yourself time to clear any old emotions that need to go in order for you to align with your creations.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Use the light of this full moon to release anything in your business or career that no longer generates energy.

  • Apply your intuition to your business growth by feeling deeply into what is needed next.

  • Notice where your business/career needs more life force and fill it up. 

  • Pay attention to how you manage intensity and refine your response.

  • Create a ceremony in the light of this full moon to energize the next level of your business/career growth. Tap into the power of Scorpio/Taurus and nourish your earthly realm from the deep well of Source. If you can create your ceremony on the ground near water, so much the better. 

  • Tap into your emotional realm and notice how your inner water (your feelings) is flowing in relation to your business/profession. Are there emotions that need movement in order for you to magnetize your desires?

  • Write down any messages or insights you receive about your business in this powerful moonlight. Determine which ones you need to take action on and plan when you will follow up.

Reflection Questions for this Full Moon

  1. What is under the surface in this situation or around my manifestation that I need to know or understand?

  2. Are there any old feelings I need to release (such as shame, guilt, frustration, disappointment, or anger) to bring my manifestation into form? If so, set your intention and then dance to release them.

  3. If you feel called to do so, say, "I consciously and fully open to access my intuition." Now ask, "What guiding insights do I need to thrive in my life and business now?"

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