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Capricorn Full Moon

When you understand the archetypal energy the full and new moons are in you can apply the energies effectively to your manifestations and creations. They will be earthy, watery, airy, or fiery and knowing which assists you in effective utilization.

Today we have a super full moon in Capricorn, with the sun in Cancer, and it offers a window of opportunity to connect to responsible nurturing.

Capricorn functions as the most responsible archetype, and Cancer is dedicated to nurturing. Together, they will speak to you on multiple levels. Responsible nurturing begins on the personal level as Capricorn/Cancer reminds you to deepen your ability to take good care of yourself. In other words, put on your own oxygen mask before you help those around you.

Next, the combination calls for you to take a look at your responsible nurturing of immediate family, friends, circle of influence, and business. With Capricorn, you not only have to look at where you need to take greater responsibility, but also at where you might be taking too much responsibility.

Part of the job of this duo is determining how to responsibly nurture, which may include empowering others to take responsibility for their nurturance as well. In other words, instead of fishing for them and creating dependence, focus on creating independence, interdependence, and sustainability by teaching others to fish for themselves.

Finally, Capricorn calls for you to look at your responsibility in the larger context, to the planet, global relationships, and nurturing seven generations to come. This window provides a wonderful time to tune in and see how you can make a difference in the world.

On each of these levels, Capricorn calls for solid steps toward responsible nurturing. So if you need to start with taking care of yourself, make an appointment for your health screenings, replenish yourself at the spa, or responsibly nurture your finances.

To honor those around you, tune in to where you can appreciate someone who has taught you how to fish for yourself, by thanking a teacher, your parents, or a friend who has helped you in a time of need. And globally, take at least one solid step toward responsibly nurturing humanity in this window. Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Capricorn Full Moon: ❖ Sit in the light of the full moon and ask it to fill you up with nurturing energy. ❖ Give thanks to your body and make any needed health appointments. ❖ Take solid grounded steps toward your financial well-being. ❖ Make a list of what you need to do to responsibly take care of your home and family. ❖ Contribute to the collective in a responsibly nurturing way. ❖ Send appreciation to someone who has responsibly nurtured you. ❖ Thank the Earth for all she contributes to your life and honor her in some way. Appreciate Nature during this full moon. Just as those around you respond to your gratitude, so does the Earth Mother herself.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Capricorn Full Moon: ❖ Notice what needs attention in order to responsibly nurture sustainable systems and structures in your business. ❖ Create a list of business administration details that need to be handled. ❖ Think of ways your business can add to the good for seven generations to come. ❖ Clarify more ways your business can contribute to humanity overall. ❖ Appreciate your business skills teachers and pass on their lessons and teachings as you mentor others. ❖ Make a plan for the next six months of grounded steps to build your business. ❖ Create a ceremony to work with responsibly nurturing your business’s financial flow.

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