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Knowing how to recenter yourself is imperative

As a leader it’s important to know how to get back into emotional balance when you get off center. You can choose any element to help you come back to center when you are off. Go for a walk with the intention to come back into emotional balance. Take long slow deep breaths. Sit by a body of water, a lake, a stream, the ocean, or soak in a tub. Sit on the ground, lay in the sun, put your back against a tree, put your hands in the dirt and weed or plant. Deep physical healing or intense grief may require extended periods of time in the natural world to recalibrate, renew, and find your emotional balance again.

When you are feeling emotionally off balance ask yourself, what your emotions are telling you. Really allow yourself to feel them. Is there something you are holding onto that you need to release? Do you need to let go of an expected outcome? Are you giving into feelings of self-doubt, frustration, or fear?

It’s difficult to do almost everything when you are feeling out of balance emotionally so knowing how to recenter yourself is imperative. Nature will help. Emotional balance helps you find your flow and bring your visions forth. Emotional balance matters when you are dealing with others as a leader. Your intuition and wisdom gets cloudy and impedes clear decision making if you are off center.

Time in nature, prayer, meditation, dance, and exercise can all bring you back into harmony. Self-soothing can help as well. Simply placing your hands over your heart can help to quickly bring you back to emotional balance.

Today, tune into your emotional balance and ask yourself if you need some time in nature to recalibrate.

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