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Water's ways are rich & varied

Water is the fluid that flows within your life to keep things supple, alive, and growing.

The ways of Water are rich and as varied as the forms she takes—oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, rain, drinking water, ice, hot water, bathing water, hail, snow, sleet. With just as many variations internally Water teaches you through the realm of feelings and emotions. Your feelings can run cold, frozen, steamy, hot, smooth, gentle, calm, or be like a rough day out at sea.

Your emotions provide important guidance and teachings about your life and leadership. Few people were taught how to honor and work with their emotions as children, and yet emotional maturity is an essential component for full effectiveness as a leader in the world. In the Western elemental view, Water hones you through emotional awareness bringing greater emotional maturity. In the Eastern view, Water is Spirit and brings a connection to being in flow in life and flowing with the type of Genius you have as a leader. Both valid Water wisdom. The more you are connected to and aligned with your flow the easier it is to be centered and clear emotionally.

Today, connect to Water and the beautiful emotional realm inside yourself and the feeling of flow. Appreciate how fabulous it is that water nourishes the planet and your creations. Place your awareness in some type of water, honor it, and invite it to work with you and ask it if it has a message for you. Listen and allow feelings, impressions, words, however it shows up for you. Write down any guidance you receive.

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