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2023 Year End Reflection Guide

I've just created a fillable or printable pdf Year End Reflection Guide for 2023. You'll find the download link HERE. You need to download the guide in order to fill it in digitally. I've also posted the link to the guide in the Nature Aligned Leadership Facebook Group. Feel free to join us in the group and invite others who you feel would like elemental sun and moon guidance through out the year. I'm sharing more there than I do on the blog and through email because it changes every couple of days.

So, how are you feeling about this year coming to a close? If you use it I'd love to hear how working with the guide supports your year end process. There's still time for you to win a free Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle by reviewing two of my books on Amazon by 12-31-23. See the instructions below. Or if you just want a quickie way to access the oracle you can download it for ONLY $4.99 on the amazing app Deckible (there are over 600 decks there) or buy it for 1/2 price HERE with the coupon code: HalfOFF Use the coupon code HalfOff to purchase your oracle for only $12.50 until they are gone for this printing. You apply the coupon code after you put in your credit card number as you go through the purchase process.  REVIEW & WIN A FREE ORACLE:  Overview and review the two books below and win an Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle! Here's your guide to claim your Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle: 1. Immerse yourself in an overview of the captivating wisdom within"Nature's Creation Alchemy: A Sacred Guide into the Elements & Natural Rhythms" and "LunaSol: Nature's Rhythmic Manifestation Guide, and leave a review for both books by 12-31-23.

2. Once your reviews are shared if you are one of the first 20 to leave a review during this window, send a simple email to to receive the oracle. For our US friends, don't forget to include your mailing address. You'll receive a tangible Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle - unless you request a digital oracle. For our global community, a link to access a free digital version via Deckible will be extended.

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