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Air & Your Prosperity Perspective

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Manifest More with Air's Mindset Shifts:

How does the element of Air impact your prosperity perspective?

Take a deep breath and connect to Air. One of Air’s core messages is no matter how things seem, there is always another perspective and vantage point from which you can view things. And there’s always another Air current you can catch in order to uplift the situation and soar. Air brings you the expanse of unlimited possibility. 

As an element, Air’s invisible essence brings the precious gift of life as the first breath draws in, and releases life once again as the final breath leaves the body. Because Air is largely unseen except from its impact on things such as the leaves blowing on the tree, dismissing the vital role this element plays in the creation of prosperity and abundance can easily occur. Yet used wisely, Air can be the animating creation force just as the breath functions in relation to the body. 

Air, as the invisible mental realm of thoughts and attitudes, affects all growing things. The material world around you responds to your thoughts. Have you ever noticed that on days you don’t think you look good, your face looks lifeless, and on days you think you look good, your body responds to show its vibrancy? That is just one small example of the powerful influence of the mental realm. Begin paying more attention than you normally do to your thoughts about the world around you and shift to the most uplifting thoughts possible and notice the difference.  

Air’s unseen impact on your prosperity brings its influence through your belief system, your life vision, your self-talk, your communication, your imagination, your ideas and innovation, as well as your intention and focus. Harnessing the power of Air currents can propel a large ship to its destination or help thrust an aircraft full of people from one place to another. Imagine its impact when focused effectively in your life. 

The key with Air depends on your ability to maintain clean clear air quality that uplifts and intentionally directs your creation energy toward your desired result. Because of its unseen essence, learning to work with Air requires an attention to subtle shifts and changes in Air current or your mental focus. You will need to fine-tune your ability to determine what puts the “wind in your sails,” propelling you forward, and what takes the air current away, stopping the motion.  Anytime one of your inner creation team is out of alignment, or one of your old beliefs or stories about the world no longer supports your larger vision, it will feel like it takes the wind out of your sails and slows your forward motion. As you become more conscious of how this subtle air current works, you will be able to stay on course and directionally guide your prosperity creations more effectively. 

Air and Water have an interesting relationship you’ll want to be aware of and manage too. Air impacts your forward motion and directional focus through its relationship with Water. Have you ever had the experience of hearing something, then immediately having an emotional reaction? Simply hearing of a recession can cause an unconscious emotional reaction of fear unless it is brought to conscious awareness. This interaction between the written and spoken word, your thoughts and your inner emotional Water, functions as a vital Air prosperity key. 

Water is a highly programmable element, magnetizing to itself from the feelings it holds. So you need to watch this relationship, too, in order to notice the subtle shifts that Air brings. If the interaction with Air creates a feeling response in your Water that you actually want to magnetize from, then it works well. However, if the spoken, written, or thought communication brings an emotional reaction that does not support your prosperity creation, then you want to consciously shift your mental focus and energy as soon as possible to one that uplifts your prosperity. 

Start by simply noticing your feelings or beliefs about your ability to create. Do you feel and believe that even in the midst of a collective economic downturn that you personally have the capacity to create abundance for yourself and your family? If the answer is no, then take the time to clear those old feelings and beliefs so that you can hold your capacity to create success in both the feeling and mental realms. This will make a tremendous difference in your outcome. 

When it comes to thinking about money, spiritual women often still need to do more inner work to connect the sacred to their finances, and they also need to expand their vision of how much money they can draw into their lives. They frequently think they can make only a small amount more than they ever had so they don’t even ask how they can make more. Asking Air internally how you can make a larger sum will stimulate the forces of creation to bring you solutions. 

Try on the mindset of the larger sum by asking yourself “What would a six or seven figure business owner do in this situation?” Replace the amount of money you want in the position of six or seven figures and ask the question. You’ll be amazed at the creative ideas generated by your new mindset while holding this firmly stated intention.

Your mind performs a critical function in creation by directing the unseen forces through the facility of your imagination. Your firm belief that you will generate the amount you aim for is vital to your success. Your commitment and belief needs to be strong enough to propel you through anything you must learn, including any ways you must grow personally in order to generate the prosperity goals you have for yourself. 

In order to strengthen your ability to work more effectively with financial numbers, call on your inner accountant. Ask your inner accountant to assist you in creating the prosperity you desire. Listen to the recommendations of your inner accountant and follow them. Continue to uplevel your thinking and release the beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you. 

If you need to clear your old energy in order to align with your vision, go outside and give thanks to Air and the precious gift of life. Ask Air to tell you what beliefs and emotions need to be cleared in order for you to access a greater level of prosperity. Ask Air to help you clear them. Take some very deep breaths to release the old beliefs and emotions. Now decide what belief would support your prosperity and breathe that belief into your body. Then notice how your body feels. 

The more aligned and congruent your feelings, thoughts, and inner creation team are with the prosperity success you choose to create, the more gracefully and quickly your creations will come into being. 

Suggestion: Journal with the element of Air in relation to your prosperity. These journal questions will stimulate your discovery:

What are your mental beliefs about prosperity?  

Do you need to clear any old mental beliefs and models, replacing them with beliefs you choose to currently hold?

Anytime you find yourself focusing on something other than what you are choosing to create, you need to remember to bring your attention back to your creation focus. Are you effectively applying intention and focus to your prosperity desires? 

Are you helping your mental realm flourish by feeding it with quality thoughts and keeping an uplifting focus?   SIGN UP NOW FOR LIFE PURPOSE MASTERY & Open to the opportunity to be one of the three deep dives in the "Think About It" Masterclass Thursday Feb 22!

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