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Earth's Manifestation Mastery

Everyone needs to know how to tune into the element of Earth to manifest anything in life, including their purpose-filled prosperity. This is especially important if you have any earthy (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) creation team members. Do you know your entire creation team and how it uniquely manifests? Would you like personal support to know, understand, and integrate all your creation team members so you can fully create from your highest soul-centered life purpose? If so, I'd love to show you how. Get started by tuning in and consider joining us for Life Purpose Mastery beginning Feb 27th. FIND OUT MORE HERE. Also, today we have a Taurus Moon (Earth) and Aquarius Sun (Air). These two create a wonderful time to anchor your creations in writing and work with financial goals. If you'd like tune into how the archetypes work together over the month so you can learn more about the combinations over time join us in the Nature Aligned Leadership Facebook community.

TUNE INTO EARTH TO MANIFEST MORE: We are so blessed to live on such a beautiful and life supporting planet. Earth is our collective home and our interaction with her feeds, clothes, houses, and sustains us. Just as Earth forms the world we live on, your body forms the earthly container you live within. As a container, your body houses your connection to the water that flows through you, the air you breathe, the amount of energy and digestive fire you have, and the unique expression of Spirit that flows through you.

The Earth, your body, and all the matter that makes up your life, from your home, car, clothes, finances, and all your material possessions, form your connection to the physical realm. Earth left alone in its natural state has the capacity to care for and support the living systems she has in place in any area. When human interaction enters the equation, a relationship is created between Earth, the material physical realm, and the human that interacts with it. That relationship requires something from each person involved.

In order to thrive, the earthly physical realm of matter requires well-laid plans, solid steps, care-taking, and tending. Your home needs cleaning and maintenance; your body needs good food, exercise, and grooming. Your clothes, car, children, business, finances, and garden all require care, cultivation, and tending. The kind of attention you give to something while you are care-taking it also makes a difference in how healthily, profitably, successfully, and vigorously it grows. In the physical realm, the energy of gratitude and appreciation for the earthly blessings you have produced generates and sustains the flow of abundance in your life.

The same thing applies to Earth’s connection to your prosperity. It needs gratitude, appreciation and ongoing grounded stable steps with attention to the details of maintenance. Handling your economic world from a state of gratitude contributes to your successful prosperity foundation tremendously - everything from solidly planning your budget, developing a cleanup strategy for debt reduction, tending to your investments, determining the steps you need to take to develop multiple passive income streams, and putting your income and saving projections in writing each benefit from gratitude.

It is also vital to allow time for growth and development of prosperity to occur. Just as it takes years for a child to reach adulthood, or a tree to reach its full height, most things in the earthly realm require time to grow.

For full development to occur, everything you are in relationship with in the physical world, including your prosperity, needs to be taken care of, given attention, maintained, cleaned, appreciated, and nourished in order to grow, develop, and thrive. How might you give more time and attention to tending your prosperity and abundance?

When the sacred relationship between Nature and humanity is honored and responsibly maintained, the physical world responds by flourishing. A simple and effective thing you can do to increase your ability to create sustainable prosperity, abundance, and success is to spend as much time in nature as possible.

Sit on the ground, go for a walk, get out in the sunshine, play in the rain, breathe fresh air. Any of these actions instantly connects you to Nature’s abundance matrix in a powerful and palatable way. Being in nature aligns your subtle energy systems to the creation forces that flow through Nature herself, and they nourish your ability to create prosperity in alignment with her guiding principles. While you are in nature, ask for guidance on the things in your physical or financial world that need greater tending, attention, and caretaking from you at this time, and create a list to follow as you take the necessary steps.

Money responds to attention. A conscious woman honors the physical realm including finances as part of her spiritual path. With this level of inner union of spirit and matter, all necessary wealth-growing and income-earning activities are treated as sacred practices. Get in the habit of tracking your income, expenses, and net worth (your assets and cash on hand minus any debt) and your prosperity will grow. Focus on this one grounded earthy habit, and you will begin to see an increase in your net worth, as well as receive creative insights on how to increase your income and reduce your expenses. 

Mother Earth provides you with a wonderful example of the capacity to produce abundant supplies. By showing you her rich harvests and lush landscapes, she constantly teaches you about the availability of abundance and shows you that fertility abounds in every realm. Abundance often comes from a state of heart and mind alignment, through which you see the potential, including the rich fullness available in each moment of life. Fertility can be found in ideas for new creations, sudden awareness or perceptions, and in your rich spiritual gifts. 

Mother Earth also teaches you to create sustainable systems in all areas of life. You can learn to live in harmony with her and to replenish what you consume, thus ensuring that other people and other times will also experience abundance and fertility. When you take from the Earth with no regard for the ways she naturally replenishes her system, you step out of balance with Earth’s natural cycles, which can leave things stripped and void of life. However, your ability to work in harmony with the earth helps keep things lush and helps it vibrantly renew its energy.

This principle applies to your life, body, and resources. When you work in harmony with the element of Earth, you learn to replenish abundance rather than simply use it. This harmonic way of personally enjoying tremendous abundance adds to the greater good of all, instead of taking away from others and the planet. When you can accomplish this, you let the old system of competition fall away and learn the language and systems of cooperation. You live in and create balance with the natural environment and with yourself. 

Journal with the element of Earth in relation to your purpose filled prosperity. These journal questions will stimulate your discovery:

What is Earth urging you to develop, grow, and build in relation to your purpose filled prosperity? 

What aspects of your prosperity do you need to feed and take better care of? 

What in your life is declining or falling away in order to change form? 

Are you easily releasing the old or clinging to the familiar, afraid to trust in the process of change? 

Where do you need more solid stable steps, well-laid plans, and clearly written objectives? 

In order to bring in greater levels of purpose filled prosperity, do you need to clear the energy in your physical realm by cleaning your house, car, closet, business, or other?

Contemplate and record your discoveries and next steps for each of these. 

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