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Limited Time Only: Free Kindle Book & Oracle GiveAway 2023!

During this window, I'm thrilled to invite you to a transformative journey with two empowering books, "Nature's Creation Alchemy: A Sacred Guide into the Elements & Natural Rhythms" and the illuminating "LunaSol: Nature's Rhythmic Manifestation Guide," available for free on Kindle. These literary companions are crafted explicitly for leaders seeking to weave the magic of elemental wisdom into their paths. They unlock the secrets of harnessing elemental forces for enhanced leadership, manifestation, and a deeper understanding of natural rhythms. But there's an enchanting twist! For the first 20 individuals who delve into both books, sharing their overview insights through a Kindle review by December 31, 2023, there's a special reward – a complimentary Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle. This mystical oracle unveils profound insights into nature's forces, aligning manifestation and leadership principles. Here's your guide to claim your Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle:

  1. Download both books for free on Kindle within the next four days. Be sure and use the link below the Kindle Unlimited Link if you prefer not to join Kindle Unlimited.

  2. Immerse yourself in an overview of the captivating wisdom within these pages and leave a review for both books by 12-31-23.

  3. Once your reviews are shared, a simple email to is your passage to the oracle.

For our US friends, don't forget to include your mailing address. You'll receive a tangible Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle - unless you request a digital oracle. For our global community, a link to access a free digital version via Deckible will be extended. These books and the oracle are treasures that will elevate your understanding of the elements, nurturing life and leadership in alignment with the natural world's rhythms. Feel inspired to extend this celestial offer to other women who resonate with our shared passion for a nature-aligned life. Let's lead with nature's guidance and wisdom as our compass. With love and blessings, Lisa Unveil your complimentary Kindle copies of "Nature's Creation Alchemy" and "LunaSol" by clicking the links below:

Embark on a celestial journey of nature-inspired leadership and exploration!

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