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Leadership Key: Transparency

Transparency promotes honesty, trust, and authenticity.

The clearer you are as a leader with your truth, with revealing your experiences, how they impacted you, and the wisdom you gained from them the easier it is for others to relate to you and develop trust. People can feel when you are hiding something and it creates disharmony in your communications and decreases their confidence in you. Transparency makes it possible to see clearly through what you are saying and makes you easier to understand.

Just as you need clear clean water and air, you need clear communication in order to touch the hearts and minds of those you serve. When you speak transparently to both their heads with your knowledge and their hearts from your wisdom you bring balance and trust to your connection. Transparency fosters goodwill and open heartedness. It’s good for teams, relationships, and co-creation.

Open your heart and examine your secret shames the places you don’t want to be seen. The places you feel don’t make you worthy as a leader. You don’t need to process these pieces with those you serve because bringing your unmet emotional needs to leadership isn’t healthy. However, you personally do need to work through them either on your own or with a good coach, mentor, or counselor. Then the space is clear and clean inside you bringing more transparency to all your interactions.

Today, connect to your journey with transparency and decide where you might need to do some additional inner work. Open for support from Water and Air and ask for guidance.

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