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Lunar Rhythm: Leo Full Moon 2024

The full moon in Leo, brings a prime opportunity to light up your self-love and claim your leadership ability. Leo teaches the value of radiance when it comes to shining as a leader. Shining radiance only comes when you are full of self-love, passion, and excitement. Leo shows up as the true leader when it comes to that kind of vibrant life energy. Sit in the light of this moon if you can (even through a window) and listen to Leo’s messages about claiming your inner lion, the “King or Queen.” Where do you just need to step up and declare your inner position?

Then, when you add Aquarian Air to the mix, you can come away with ideas on how you can work with your radiant inner fire to assist all of humanity in the big picture. This Air and Fire mixture can also show you how to communicate your message to the world so you can more effectively increase your visibility. This powerful combination is designed to support taking a quantum leap in your big picture perspective on how you show up in the world. 

Leo helps you take a look at your inner child or adolescent to see if there are any pockets remaining in your inner world of self-doubt, self-criticism, self-loathing, or self-judgment that tamp down your inner fire. And if any of those old feelings and beliefs are there, Leo helps you to clear out those old energetic blocks by burning them up in your mind’s eye, to make way for more radiance. If any emotions or beliefs have previously held you back from your full radiance, this window provides a good time for deep-level clearing.

If you want to add more power to your clearing, then use the fire of action and dance to release the old energy, while taking lots of deep breaths to allow Air to assist. This is a time to amplify and energize your ability to fully show up in the world. Throw a log on your inner fire to fuel your radiance, and simultaneously release what you no longer need internally. Now allow your inner fire to illuminate new, creative, and innovative ways for you to fully show up in the world. 

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle. 

Personal Action Suggestions for Leo Full Moon:

  • Dance, dance, dance and get your inner fire burning brightly.

  • Think about what actions you need to take to bring more self-love into your life.

  • Release any old emotions or beliefs that have previously tamped down your radiance. 

  • Notice what creative and innovative ideas are being illuminated for your life.

  • Open for insights about where you need to step up the leadership of your life. Write down what you receive in your journal. 

  • Ask Leo to reveal to you where you need to turn up your inner light. 

  • Connect to the expansive freedom of Aquarius and the radiant self-love of Leo to determine ways to increase your capacity to bring your dreams into reality. Feel into both of them at the same time and ask what messages they have for you. 

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Leo Full Moon:

  • Connect to ways you can be more visible in your business and bring more visibility to your business.

  • Notice how you can step more fully into your radiant leadership abilities.

  • Determine if your business needs a more innovative message in order to become more visible in the marketplace. 

  • Open to discovering ways your business or profession could better serve humanity. 

  • Ask Leo if your business image needs to be updated and write down any messages you receive. 

  • Connect to both the quantum leap energy of Aquarius and the radiant leadership of Leo and ask how they can assist you in increasing your income. 

  • Plan to implement at least one new creative or innovative idea in your business/professional life during the next two weeks. Use this window to receive fresh inspiration around your radiance. I've just released a brand new 37 page guidebook "UNLEASH: Your Inner Feminine Prosperity Power". It is part of the Inspired Living Giveaway for the next week so head over and download it now along with over 80 gifts to help you get centered, create a success mind-set & more.

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