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Lunar Rhythm: Libra Full Moon 2024

Lunar Eclipse • Team up with others to move your creations forward!

Aries sun with the full moon in Libra creates a unique opportunity to connect to your individuation within your relationships. This Fire/Air combination reminds us that the best relationships are between two conscious individuated partners. Aries reminds Libra of the need for individuation, and Libra reminds Aries that you also need to consider your partner. 

These beautiful archetypes balance each other when they remember to appreciate both their uniqueness and the gifts of the other. Aries’ driving quest for first, best, and being seen finds equilibrium with Libra’s capacity to see things from each person’s perspective and to be the peacemaker. When aligned, they show us the full axis of individuation, partnership, and the collective.  

Take this opportunity to explore your connection to the others around you. Are you honoring your needs and desires while also considering your relationships? Where do you need to consider another’s point of view? Or, on the other end of the spectrum, do you consider everyone else in the equation and forget your own needs? 

This full moon says pay attention to the needs and desires of the collective and yourself. If you look carefully enough at a situation where it appears things are a choice between your needs or others’ needs, you will see that when you include both yours and the others, often a third path emerges. This full moon will shine light on those places in life, and it is therefore a great time to consider options and design new levels of cooperation.

Eclipse full moons add extra intensity, so if you are not open to honoring others’ points of view, you may end up frustrated. If you find yourself feeling challenged in your relationships during this window, take a look at where you can open to allow a breath of fresh Libra air to energize your passion. 

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle. 

Personal Action Suggestions for Libra Full Moon:

  • Balance your relationships by honoring individuation and cooperation.

  • Consider others’ points of view about a situation you are facing.

  • Notice any life areas where you need to integrate opposites.

  • Host an event and enjoy your connection to others.

  • Plan a playdate with a companion and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Intentionally create a peaceful and centered portion of the full moon window.

  • Do ceremony with your partner if you have one, or consciously partner with Spirit. 

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Libra Full Moon:

  • Evaluate and consider your current business options in any area and make a choice.

  • Write and send out communications that support unity and cooperation.

  • Appreciate your business partners and customers.

  • Think through ways you could create your business or professional life to more effectively meet your personal needs.

  • Develop greater levels of cooperation and peace in your work environment.

  • Balance your work and personal life.

  • Consider how you need to more effectively lead others. Here are two Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle cards to inspire your lunar eclipse window. Ask yourself..."What focus do I need to shine the light of illumination on in order to move it forward and/or to completion?"

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